Welcome to 

Hazelnut Handmade

Last year when I started sending some items to sell in my aunt’s home decor shop, I started re-evaluating the name of my blog and Etsy shop.  And I decided I needed a change.
Now I realize most people won’t care why I decided to change, but I’m kinda wordy so I’ll explain it anyways.  As a compromise, I’ll just list what the new name says about me or means to me.

My children-(we call our youngest Nut or Nut-Nut)
Making things myself
Delicious chocolate flavor
Little bit modern
Little bit traditional
Little bit Sophisticated
Little bit Whimsy (cause I do have kids)

So what will be on the blog?  Sewing, the occasional recipe, pattern reviews (at least thoughts on them), Etsy shop listings (which is open again), non-sewing projects that turn out, and learning to sew and fit garments expertly.  

Well, that’s it! I’m excited to be back.  See you later alligator!