I know I already said way back in April that life was crazier than usual because we were getting our house ready to sell and all that.  I thought it would all kinda calm down by July and I could start sewing and posting projects again. 
Well, here it is September and I still don’t feel like I have the luxury of sewing quite yet.  Actually, I was starting to feel like I could sew, did a pattern test, tried a new pattern, planned and set out several more, and then everything took an extremely unexpected turn and we ended up moving to a new apartment.  Second one this summer.  And then kids started school and it was about all I could do to send them to school with essential school supplies. 
But I feel like I see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Just about everything in the house has a home.  I’m making regular meals.  I should be able to start washing clothes normally by Monday (haven’t had a dryer for most of the summer and have been channeling my inner pioneer to get laundry done).  The kids have shoes, backpacks, supplies, new socks and are getting to and from school everyday.  
I hear my sewing machine calling me during nap time as I try to check off my to do list.  
It’s coming.  Soon.  And it’s gonna feel great!