Mother’s Day and Easter Dress 2018

by | May 2, 2018 | Clothing, Girls, Women | 5 comments

One of the fun things about having girls is making dresses! This year I’m calling these a combined Easter dress and Mother’s Day dress because I had juuussst enough of this delicious Cherry Blossom Haiku fabric from Monaluna leftover from the girls dresses to squeeze out a peplum top for me!  I’m loving matching my girls for a while.  It’s cheesy, but I know they aren’t going to be into this whole matchy-matchy thing in a few short years!  I’ve got to soak it in while its still cool and desirable.

Cherry Blossom Easter Dresses with Hazelnut Handmade

I finished these dresses well before Easter and we have enjoyed wearing them for the past few weeks even though Nut-Nut’s face may not always show it.  My peplum was one of my muslins for the Ladies Caroline Dress I made for the Who Made It Best Challenge.  Of course, getting around to photographing the dresses all together took almost as long as making them…

One reason I got them done in time is Nut-Nut practically begged me to make her a matching dress after she saw Nut#2’s dress!  Who can resist that?  If you ever need motivation to do something, get an articulate, determined, and persistent little person to live with you and remind you about it multiple times a day.  It’ll be done in no time!  But honestly, I love sewing for her especially if it means she will wear a dress on Sunday without any drama!

Both dresses use the Caroline Party Dress pattern.  It’s a favorite for its clean lines and quick sew.  I’ve made several version in years past (here and here). This time I added some faux piping at the bodice instead of a belt.  I also usually lengthen the bodice several sizes and sometimes the skirt portion too.

Cherry Blossom Easter Dresses with Hazelnut Handmade

My invisible zipper skills were rocking while I made these dresses!  The zippers aren’t visible, my faux piping is lined up PERFECT, and they zip smoothly past where the bodice meets the skirt.  Hallelujah!

I’m basking in a sewing job well done with a beautiful result. And this sweet stage where my girls love to match and are so tender and sweet with each other.  My heart is melting over these last pics!  Slow down time!

Cherry Blossom Easter Dresses with Hazelnut Handmade