Matching Couple Disney Shirts

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Shortly after moving to Florida, my husband had to go to some continuing education classes in Orlando.  And since we live in Florida we decided to go with him and take advantage of the Florida Resident discounts to visit Disney World.  I had never gone before and was really excited to take my kids.  Although I bought Disney shirts for my kids, I decided to make coordinating couple Disney shirts for my husband and I.

Beauty and Beast Shirts with Hazelnut Handmade

Photo from Amazon

I saw these shirts (in different colors) on Amazon and absolutely LOVED the design.  I waited too long to decide on colors and commit to buying them though and didn’t leave myself enough time for them to ship since they are not eligible for Prime shipping.  So of course I decided to make my own version.

Riviera Raglan Key West Mashup with Hazelnut Handmade

For my Disney shirt I started with the Riviera Raglan and the high cut sleeves.  I mashed it with the Key West neckline and the Key West swing cut.  The neckline ended up a little lower than usual because I didn’t take into account that the front bodice piece doesn’t go all the way to the shoulders since its a raglan.  The high cut raglan sleeves combined with the Key West scoop neck also made for a lot of seams in one place and thick/awkward areas on the neckline.

Riviera Raglan Key West Mashup with Hazelnut Handmade

This was my first go at a swing style tee and while it’s not awful, its not my favorite shape.  Since then I have tried other swing styles and I just don’t like how all the swing falls to the sides.  I’m not sure if this is a drafting thing, a fabric thing, or me-but it happened with two different patterns.  So now I’m just staying away from the look.  I need to switch to the slim fit Key West like I did in my sparkly teal shirt and then I’ll like it a lot better.

Nico Raglan with Hazelnut Handmade

I used the Nico Raglan from Jalie to make my husband’s shirt and I could not be happier with how it turned out!  The whole day at Disney I admired that shirt.  The fit and the finish are spot on.  And it is the kind of shirt he likes to wear.  Plus I think he’s handsome.  I look forward to using the pattern for my boys too since the size range is gigantic!

Nico Raglan with Hazelnut Handmade

For the lettering, I applied heat ‘n bond to the wrong side of the fabric, traced out the letters on the paper (mirrored), then ironed the letters on the shirts and stitched all around the edges of the letters.  It took waaayyy longer than I intended.  And probably WAAAYYYY longer than HTV.  But I didn’t have any HTV, have never used it before, and would still have had to cut it out by hand since I don’t have a cutting machine.  When I do get a cutting machine, I’m going with a Silhouette Cameo-like this one of Amazon.  A friend of mine recently helped me cut out some freezer paper stencils on hers (wish I’d know she had one when I was making these shirts) and it was pretty sweet.  Don’t need cartridges or to buy images or cut files, and can cut paper, vinyl, AND fabric!

I’m still so glad I make these matching couple Disney shirts even though they took way longer than they should have.  We had so much fun and loved matching as a couple.

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