#MakeNine2018-A Sewing Plan

by | Jan 3, 2018 | Clothing, Women | 2 comments

Seems like I always have a ton of things I want to sew, but then end up sewing other projects.  But this year is going to be different.  I’ve got a plan.  And I’m committing to at least make these nine articles of clothing for myself.  Yes-I’m completely inspired by bestnine and makenine on instagram, which I just saw a couple days ago.  And yes, I’ll be using  the hashtag makenine2018 on my instagram account to track my progress.  I’m focusing on items I’ve either been wanting to make for a long time or items in my wardrobe I need to replace.

I haven’t been sewing much lately mostly because I’ve been moving and my machines have been packed.  But also because moving has stolen my sewjo.  However, the rest of the house is unpacked and the kids are heading back to school this week.  Which means I’ll get to spend time setting up my sewing room.  And hopefully that will finish getting me over this slump.  Remember, how I use sewing as therapy?


So here’s my list.

#1 A lightweight Deer Creek Dress with this pinterest save as inspiration.

#2 Eleanor Pull On Jeans.  I’ve hear so many good things about this pattern!  I really need new jeans but want to work on my fitting skills on these before I put the effort into full on jeans.  And my daughter needs pants too and this pattern will work for both of us.  FYI-mine won’t be floral…

#3 Haute Skinny Skirt  This was one of my first pattern tests!  I’ve had some fabric set aside for another version for a while…and it’s going to happen this year!

#4 Mouse House Ladies Caroline-again, I have the fabric picked out, purchased, and sitting in my stash.  I’m hoping to fit this really well!

#5 I just moved to Florida and I know I’m going to want another swimsuit.  I don’t know exactly what pattern I’ll make yet but  a swimsuit is on the list…

#6 Most of my shorts have worn out and I think I may need them for most of the year now.  Maybe I’ll use this pattern, or maybe I’ll hack the Elenores into shorts.  Or try real jeans in a shorts length.  We will see.

#7 Daisy Dolman T I need some more lightweight breezy shirts that I actually like wearing.  So I’m going to give this another go in knit.  Or maybe part knit part woven…

#8 Knit Bomber Jacket.  I saw one of these at the park the other day and fell in love.  I’ve got some fabric in mind from my stash and know a pattern I want to hack. So I just need to do it.  And justify making something like this in Florida…

#9 Woodstock Swing Tee I know this pattern is meant for juniors, but I’m going to try it for me anyways.  Nut-Nut has a favorite shirt like this and it looks so comfortable for hot days!  Plus, I’ve never made anything from Hey June Handmade.


Planning my #makenine2018 has really helped lift my spirits and get me excited to sew again.  I think by the time I’ve got the sewing room organized my sewjo will be back and I’ll be really to tackle these projects-one at a time.


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