Maggie Peplum Top Hack

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After sewing my daughter’s layered ruffle tee from the Maggie Top, I just could not get over how cute and grown up she looked.  And she loves her outfit!  I love sewing for her when she loves the outcome.  I saw the last bit of the floral jersey I used here and knew it would make the perfect peplum to match her lavender pants!  So I took the same pattern as before and made a Maggie Peplum Top!  Now I’ve got a little capsule wardrobe going for her.  She might actually go to school in clothes that go together!

Maggie Peplum Top Hack by Hazelnut Handmade

Making a Maggie Peplum Top is a super easy hack.  It’s so easy I didn’t take any pictures…oops.  I was probably just too excited and went full speed ahead without thinking.  But here’s a run down of how I did it anyways.

Start with a favorite basic tee, like the Maggie Top.  Pick one that isn’t particularly fitted, or size up.  I used the same pieces as this layered ruffle tee because I am happy with how it fit.  It made sewing it really fast!  I only had enough of the floral fabric for a 6 inch ruffle, so I shortened my the bodice pieces of my pattern by 6 inches.

You can increase or decrease how much ruffle is in your peplum.  However wide your ruffle is going to be is how much shorter to make the shirt.  (Okay, technically you should shorten the shirt by 3/4 inch less than the ruffle width.  This accounts for seam allowances so you end up with a shirt the same length as the original pattern. I just wasn’t being that precise this time.) Then sew up the shirt except for the hem.  It looks like a crop top.

Maggie Peplum Top Hack by Hazelnut Handmade

Take the 6 inch by width of fabric rectangle for the ruffle, sew the short sides together and gathered one of the long edges.  After adjusting the gathers to fit the bottom of the shirt, sew the ruffle to the bottom of the shirt, right sides together.  Then hem the edge of the ruffle.  You can also hem the ruffle before gathering if you want.

Last step is topstitching the ruffle where it attaches to the bottom of the shirt.  It’s optional but I did it because I wanted the  ruffle to lay as flat as possible and the seam to bug my daughter as least as possible.

I’ve loving how my daughter’s clothes are working so well together this year!  I’ve got to take some pictures of all the cute outfit options she now has, including this Maggie Peplum Top.  I’m starting to like her clothes better than mine, which is going to make me want to sew more clothes more me…

Maggie Peplum Top Hack by Hazelnut Handmade

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