I’ve been absent from this blog for quite some time…and a lot has happened keeping me busy and away from taking the extra steps of blogging about my crafting!  Just to name a few major ones…Pigg#4 was born, and turned one!  She’s a beautiful, spunky girl who will probably make her debut on here eventually.  Mr. Jiggs has also been traveling a lot attending conferences and interviewing for fellowship positions.  (Which we got one!  Hurray!)  

But today I’m posting because I listed a quilt on Etsy!  I’ve really come to enjoy quilting in the past year but can’t think up enough excuses to make a quilt.  So I decided I’d try the Etsy thing again.  I’m starting out small and simple with a rag quilt.  I used some of my favorite colors (teal and lime) and I adore the back of the quilt.  Simple yet unique.  Go check it out!  The shop name is JillyannJiggs.

I have another rag quilt made and photographed.  Hopefully I will get it up there soon too!