Living Room Lap Quilt

by | Sep 24, 2015 | Quilts | 3 comments

I made another quilt using the pattern Purple Play from  I made in colors to coordinate with my living room and I love having it in there.  Pigg#3 is always taking the cuddly throw blankets from the living room and dragging them around.  This quilt stays on the couch much longer and is there when I get to sit down.

The gray fabrics are the same as I used in the other quilts I made.  This is my favorite so far because the aquas are all similar in shade and tone and the yellows are also pretty similar in shade and tone.

Oh Look!  6 legs at the bottom of the quilt.  Wonder where those came from.

The backing is pieced together.  Mostly because I loved the multicolored herringbone print but didn’t want it to be the entire back since the front is so busy.