I’m a firm believer in hats…at least for my kids.  Pigg#1 had a great khaki hat Grandma made him before he was born.  It has a slide tie to cinch up the strings and it made it really hard for him to get off.  So he gave up trying to ditch the hat early in his life.
That sweet hat is just about too small for Pigg#2, and let’s face it.  It’s not all that cute on a girl since it’s a definite boy style hat.
So I decided to make her a cute little sunhat with some precious white eyelet cotton I got from my mom and lined it with plain white cotton also from my mom.  I think I used 90% of the fabric cutting this out. 
 I didn’t use a pattern for it and Pigg#2 really did not want to try it on for fittings.  I begged Pigg#1 to try it on for me several times so I could get SOME idea if it was working.
 No one has asked if I made it yet which means either it looks so good it could have been bought at a store, or it’s so obviously handmade they can’t bring themselves to comment on it.
 I choose to believe the first option because she’s so cute!
Not bad for free scrap fabric and no pattern!  Cost to me…an afternoon of sewing.