This year I caved and attempted to coordinate the costumes in our family.  But I had a kink.  When Pigg#1 was a baby I bought a pre-made plush tiger costume that is very cute but was more expensive than it was worth.  I bought it big so he’d fit in it two years and I still don’t feel like I’ve got my money out of it yet so Pigg#2 gets to wear it this year too.

How to coordinate simply and cheaply with a tiger costume?  I came up with “Lion, Tigers, and Bears, Oh My!”  Pigg#1 will be a lion, Mr. Jiggs will be a bear, and I will be the Oh My.  The lion costume is done but Pigg#1 will not try things on for me or let me take pictures.  I did my best.  I made pajamas out of tan flannel (so it continues to be used) and then used the hood from the pattern to make the lion head piece.  Mr. Jigg’s bear headpiece comes from the same pattern.  But it’s not as cool looking.