Lightweight Tami Hoodie

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My family is gearing up for another move halfway across the country.  Yes-we just did that less than six months ago.  It isn’t ideal, but it is what it is.  I am feeling a lot of stress and worry and waves of overwhelmed.  So, what do I do?  Sew a lightweight Tami Hoodie.  I shared earlier this month how sewing saved my sanity and two weeks after sharing I find myself sewing to calm my nerves.  Again.

Lightweight Tami Hoodie by Hazelnut Handmade

Last year when New Horizons Designs released the Tami Revolution Hoodie, I found a picture of a white raglan double hoodie with mustard yellow sleeves and a charcoal gray outer hood.  I fell in love and wanted to recreate it, but didn’t have the right fabrics.

So when the urge to stress sew came, I decided to create a lightweight Tami Hoodie like the picture I fell in love with.  My fabric stash has grown some in the last 5 months, which is great for making whatever catches my fancy but terrible for moving!  Nothing like a move to make me realize how much fabric I really have!

Lightweight Tami Hoodie by Hazelnut Handmade

The body of this Tami Hoodie is 12 oz. 92/8 cotton Lycra from Nick of Time textiles.  It is thick with strong recovery and is completely opaque.  The mustard is 10 oz. 95/5 cotton Lycra from Girl Charlee and the Heathered Charcoal Gray is 9 oz. 95/5 cotton lycra from Raspberry Creek Fabrics.  I super love this charcoal gray and debated using a solid gray also in my stash to put off cutting into such a lovely cut of fabric.

See, I have fabric problems.  I love the fabric and buy it, and then I love it so much I have a hard time cutting into it!  Yet I feel guilty for not sewing it up!  That may be another reason I like making infinity scarves-I’m using my fabrics, but I’m almost keeping them in their original state.  It’s like just wrapping myself in my fabric to run around all day!

Lightweight Tami Hoodie by Hazelnut Handmade

Eventually I bit the bullet and cut into the charcoal gray because I liked it best!  And I’m so glad because I’m loving this shirt!  It’s a bit warmer than a regular shirt, but not as warm as a hoodie.  That’s perfect for me since I keep my house fairly cold to cut down on energy costs.  Plus, the place we are moving to is warm all. year. long. I’m not sure if I’ll even need hoodies!  This lighteweight Tami Hoodie may head up being a real hoodie…

Even though the Tami Hoodie has been revised with a slimmer fit and lower neckline, I didn’t use the new revised version for this lightweight Tami Hoodie.  I was happy with the original version and already had it printed and traced out and I just wanted to sew!  Which means I also did not size down to compensate for the thinner fabric.  I like how the fit turned out.  It’s a bit boxy, but I was really feeling the need for something comfy.  And I did mess with the neckline a bit, trying to recreate the updated neckline without even seeing it.  Dumb idea.  It didn’t quite work, but also didn’t ruin the project.  After I move and see what I need in the weather I’ll hopefully print out the new version and see what it’s like!

Despite the slightly funny neckline, I love this shirt and have already received random compliments on it.  It was the perfect sewing project to calm my nerves, use up some of the stash I now have to cart across the country, and be useful in when we move to a warmer place.

Lightweight Tami Hoodie by Hazelnut Handmade

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