Over a year ago I helped test the Tulipa Dress and Top for girls from Sew Like My Mom.  I missed out on the test for the women’s version.  Luckily, dolmans are very forgiving for me and I can fit in the size 16.  So I made one up for me!

Actually, I made this top right after testing the pattern.  But I’ve waiting to share it because I didn’t like how it fit until I tried it on one last time before cutting it up.  But now I like it!

Lace Tulipa Dolman by Sew Like My Mom with Hazelnut Handmade

You see, I cut two layers of the top piece so that my fabric wouldn’t be see through.  I also layered some cotton lace over the lower half.  All those layers are not good for the shirts drape.  

Initially, I didn’t like the boxy shape I got because my fabric wouldn’t flow.  It felt too loose.  And the curved color blocking needs to be a little higher. But now I like it.  I won’t wear it with the skirt I intended to wear it with, but I like it for wearing with jeans as a nicer casual look.  

Lace Tulipa Dolman by Sew Like My Mom with Hazelnut Handmade

Honestly, it’s a good thing the Tulipa Top has such a relaxed fit.  I accidentally cut the lace with the stretch going vertically instead of horizontally!  I wouldn’t be able to get it on if it had any less ease!

So now I’ve got a new shirt and all I had to do was try it on!  No sewing required.