Lace Pocket Portlander Pants

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My favorite pair of lounge pants are navy knit pants with a silhouette similar to the New Horizons Portlander Pants.  They are comfortable, warm without being hot, and look good too.  I have been dying to make some Portlander Pants so I can have more than one pair of my favorite pants.  And I finally sewed some up with a bit off a twist-lace pocket Portlander Pants!Lace Pocket Portlander Pants

Lace Pocket Portlander PantsStory Time:

Growing up my mom would let me pick out fabric and then she’d sew up pajamas with my fabric.  As a pre-teen/early teenager, I picked out an awesome, loud cartoon floral with dots and stripes and colors of pink, green, blue, and yellow that remind me of watermelon.  But when Mom sewed them up something that had never happened before occurred.  The pajama pants unexpectedly did not fit.  They wouldn’t fit over my hips!  My sweet mother used the boys pajama pant pattern she’d been using for years (I have three older brothers) and didn’t realize I was maturing and developing curves.

I was devasted.

I sure hope it was all those teenage hormones affecting me and causing my extreme reaction, but I was in tears.  The pants didn’t fit.  I wouldn’t get to wear the fabric I picked out.  Mom didn’t notice I was shaped like a girl!  Silly, crazy, dramatic reaction.

Sweet, creative Mom.  She opened up the sides and inserted a vertical strip down the outside seam to give me the room I needed to fit over my hips.  It was the perfect solution.

Lace Pocket Portlander PantsI wore those pajamas until the fabric wore out.  They were fun and wild and carefree and unaffected by other’s opinions-they way I feel when I’m the happiest. And they reminded my of my mom.  Her patience, calm influence, creativity, resourcefulness, and most of all, LOVE.

Lace Pocket Portlander PantsSo what does this have to do with my lace pocket Portlander Pants?

If you haven’t noticed, my version is a bit loud.  They are bright and bold and hard to miss.  A bit out there.  My 10 year old said I should not walk with the kids to school in them (but he likes the lace pockets).  I guess I’m starting to embarrass him a little…

But I like them.  They make me happy.  The fabric is the Sadie Plaid from Girl Charlee and is so soft!  These lace pocket Portlander Pants are comfortable just like my navy knit pants and fun like my crazy teenage pajamas.  And I love the lace on the pockets!

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