Knit Daisy Dolman Tee

by | Apr 18, 2018 | Clothing, Women | 0 comments

As part of my #makenine2018 and goal to actually like my summer wardrobe (since I will be wearing it 90% of the year from now on) I made an awesome basic tee that has become one of my favorites.  This white Daisy Dolman Tee is loose and comfortable, easy to dress up or down, and so versatile

Daisy Dolman T-shirt by Hazelnut Handmade

I LOVE white t-shirts.  They go with every thing! White t-shirts are the easiest to pair with just about everything.  But they are so hard to find.  Usually because they are thin and transparent or don’t fit my shoulders.  But because I used 10 oz. cotton lycra and picked a loose silouette, this white tee shirt both is opaque and fits my shoulders.

Almost two years ago I made a Daisy Dolman Tee to go with some pants I tested and I just wasn’t in love with it.  I used a quilting cotton without much drape and I think that was part of why I was uncomfortable in the shirt.  The shoulders weren’t wide enough, the neckline felt too low, and it just didn’t feel very flattering-because it didn’t drape.  I used the same pieces to cut out this knit Daisy Tee, used bands on the arms and neck instead of facings, and rounded the hem at the side seams but love it so much more.

The knit allows the right amount of stretch for my shoulders and the bands keep the shirt from feeling too breezy.  The shirt drapes well and looks cute even though it isn’t at all form fitting.  I love it!  I’ve had to really resist making a million more knit versions!

If I decided to make a version out of wovens, I think I will at least need to size up for the shoulders.  I hear rayon challis would make a fantastic Daisy Dolman Tee because it drapes well, but I don’t have any and am not buying more fabric until I sew up more of the lovely fabric I already have.  I’m tempted to use more of this cotton lawn from making this dress.  The print is amazing!  But I don’t think it has enough drape and it wrinkles like crazy.  What would you do?  Go for the cotton lawn or wait until I can buy some rayon challis?