Pigg # 2 always wants to wear dresses and skirts.  So that means leggings!  I cut up an old shirt of mine and used some leggings from Target that fit her well as a guide on how to cut out the pieces.
The shirt is one I made last year for our family pictures.  I still love the print and wish I had more!
When I called her to come for the pictures, she she brought her teapot.  So we added it as a prop.  No rhyme or reason.
There are her interpretation of ‘pretty legs’. The little dance class I run out of my living room must be sinking in a little!
Love her little hip pop!
And another pair of leggings I cut out of an old sweater from high school.  I thought she’d appreciate the pink more than I would.  I didn’t have enough room to cut a casing for the elastic, but it is super soft so I just sewed it to the top.  It’s actually ripped off an old pair of Mr. Jigg’s underwear!  That’s why it’s so soft.  I ran out of elastic and had to make do to get the project finished.
That’s what I’ve made for KCWC so far!  May be all that happens too.  But Pigg #2 will have warm legs!