Wow.  I actually got another thing made this week!
My sister-in-law is about to have a baby boy and said she could use some more clothes since her first boy put some nice stains on his clothes.  Hopefully she’s too busy to look at this blog before it gets to her!  Crossing my fingers that I’m not ruining the surprise!
Now I’ve made tie onesies before.  I made one for Pigg#3 when he was born and loved it for dressing up my baby to go to church without making a bunch of fuss.
But my SIL sew too and has already done that.  So when I saw this adorable idea I had to do it too!  And then I had to made another in a bigger size for Pigg#3.  It fit Pigg#3 well so hopefully this smaller one will fit the new baby too.  
 And then I had to squeeze out matching pants for both outfits because it’s so adorable.  The fabric is from one of Mr. Jiggs’ old dress shirts that were too short in the sleeve.
I used Dana’s flat front pant tutorial.  
 And then I cut up some of Mr. Jigg’s old khaki pants that were fraying on the hem to make some matching khaki pants in a slightly bigger size.
 And then I started making bow ties out of the scraps!  I went a little crazy.  I still need to make a strap to put the bow tie on so his big brother will have his own bow tie to match the new baby.
 And it’s all on a onesie so the baby will be comfy and look super cute!
Pigg #3 wore his to church the other day and I couldn’t stop picking him up and kissing him he was so cute!  That and dropping hints to Mr. Jiggs that he should compliment his talented wife on the sweet outfit she made for his son.  I’ll take what I can get even if I have to script it out for him.