How to Make an Oshawott Costume

by | Oct 4, 2018 | Boys, Clothing | 0 comments

Recently, a reader asked me for more details about the Oshawott Halloween Costume I made two years ago.  Looks like I dropped the ball and never shared details about what I used to make the costume.  So here are some details two years later.  *sigh*

I used the Love Notions Moto Maxx Pants for the bottoms and the Sofilantes Hibernis Cowl Shirt for the top. I adjusted the Hibernis for a straight fit instead of a slim feminine fit. I have other shirt patterns with a more unisex fit, but none of them were printed at the time.  The sleeves are white cotton Lycra and the rest of the shirt is mint/aqua cotton Lycra.

The shell on the front of the shirt is some pale yellow interlock knit attached to the shirt with heat n bond or another iron on adhesive. The kind where you iron the shiny side onto your appliqué fabric, cut your design out, remove the paper, then place the side that had the paper on your shirt and iron.  Then stitched around the edges of the shell and through the shell for some details.

The tail is pretty much a flat pocket out of lightweight blue knit with batting and pipe cleaners along the sides and a couple places down the middle. I zigzagged the pipe cleaners along the middle to keep them in place. The Moto Maxx pants have a separate waistband that you attach after sewing up the rest of the pants. *note* I made the waistband skinnier so I could use the elastic I had on hand.  I compensated by cutting the front and back of the leg pieces taller.

Oshawott Halloween Costume with Hazelnut Handmade

I sandwiched the skinny opening of the tail into the seam when I attached the waistband. Because the tail was in the waistband seam my son never really sat on it. It worked pretty well because it was flexible but had some shape. Although each time it came out of the wash I had to reshape it.  I also sewed one of my tags to the waistband underneath the tail to help the tail stick up and out and give it more dimension.

The last detail on the pants are the cuffs.  Oshawott’s feet are a darker blue than the rest of his body, so I used some slate blue rib knit for the cuffs.  The cuffs and the tail ended up coordinating really well even though they are different fabrics.

The hat is probably my favorite part. I love how it turned out and I made sure to bring it with us to Florida even though we will never need it again! I started with this McCall’s pattern.  It’s a pretty good hat and I’ve sewn it up several times before. (see them here and here.)This time I decided to merge the ear flaps with the band so they are one piece instead of two.  It just made the hat a sightly quicker sew.

The hat is made out of fleece. The pattern basically has 4 rounded triangles that you sew together to make the round top part and then a band with the ear flaps. The ears are just two triangular pockets filled with stuffing.  I sandwiched the ears in two seams of the round part and stitched cut out fleece and felt onto the hat for the other face details. All of those details are free handed.


Hope that helps anyone else with Pokemon obsessed kids!  This year, we get a break from Pokemon, but I’ll still be making their costumes.  They all picked costumes I either can’t find in the store or can’t bring myself to buy.  I need to get get a move on those like yesterday!