Quick Fix for Holes in Footie Pajamas

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Spring is here, but just barely.  Our cold days are more than our warm days, but I think we are past snow.  (Please?) Anyone else have footie pajamas with holes in the toes?  While I still want my kids to wear warm pajamas to bed, I’m not buying or making new ones since warm weather is right around the corner.  Time to get creative!

Fix Holes in Footie PajamasFix Holes in Footie PajamasNut-Nut really likes these pajamas.  They are hand-me-downs from Nut#2, who got them handed down from cousins, so they have had a good long life.  But she likes them.  I could have just cut off the feet and added a band (like this tutorial), but then they aren’t footie pajamas and I like knowing her feet are warm.  So Nut-Nut kept wearing them with her toes poking out the end.  And the holes got so big I was afraid she had two to three toes poking through!  That could not be comfortable!

One night my husband put socks on Nut-Nut’s feet before putting on her pajamas.  And I had a light bulb moment!

Sew socks to the bottom of the pajamas!  No more holes, her feet stay warm, and she can’t take them off in the middle of the night!  Plus, these socks already have non-slip grip on the bottom and the extra length of the sock makes them a little more comfortable to wear. Which means she can wear them even longer, right?  And the pink color even matches the pajamas.  Fate.

Want to make some of your own?  This quick fix took half an hour tops.  Here’s what I did.

Cut the feet off your footie pajamas.

This particular pair had elastic around the ankle and the zipper went from the neck all the way down one leg to the foot.  I cut the feet off right above the elastic.  If your pjs have  similar zipper, make sure the zipper in closed and you don’t open it up until the pjs are finished.

Fix Holes in Footie PajamasMark the center front/back and sides of the socks and bottom of the legs

Turn the pajamas inside out and the socks right side out.  Then use pins to mark center front, center back, and the sides in-between.  Each sock and leg now has four pins dividing the opening into quarters.

Fix Holes in Footie PajamasMatch up pins for socks with pins for the legs

Insert one sock into one leg and match the center front pin of the sock with the center front pin of the leg.  Make sure the sock is oriented so the toes of the sock are facing the front of the pajamas. Match up the rest of the pins and repeat for the other sock and leg.

Fix Holes in Footie PajamasSerge sock and Pajamas Together

Serge the sock and pajamas together.  You will need to stretch the sock quite a bit to make it match the pajamas.  Just make sure you don’t run over any pins and you keep the edges of sock and pajamas as even as you can.  I think serging this seam is the best option since it is strong, and stretches, but a stretch stitch (looks like a lighting bolt) or narrow zig-zag stitch should work too.  Just a warning though…that lightning bolt stitch is a beast to unpick.  Way worse than a serged seam.

You can serge right over the end of the zipper as long as it is plastic.  If using a different stitch (not a serger), just make sure it is well secured at the zipper.  Repeat for other sock and leg.

Turn right side out

Turn the Pajamas right side out and put them on your sweetie!  Enjoy the rest of your cool weather!

Fix Holes in Footie Pajamas