I never thought this would happen, but I ran out of cards from my ‘Card Group’ stash! 
Cue the panic as I needed some cards that were neither baby shower nor birthday cards…which were the only ones left from what once seemed like a lifetime supply of cards.  
So I had to make some, and I’m not a card making kind of girl.  Hence the ‘Card Group’…come up with one okay idea, make a bunch, and get a whole lot of great ones in return.  I know I worked the system.  I think they like me anyways.
Well I was on my own this time and this is what I came up with.
Simple, cause I have no paper skills.
 Fabric, because I do have some fabric skills. (although cutting circles out of fabric isn’t all that skilled.  Especially since they aren’t completely round)
And a sewing machine because that’s my favorite way to work with fabric.  Put it together and you’ve got a simple card that gets the job done better than white cardstock folded in half with a written message and maybe a doodled flower.  Baby steps.