Several weeks ago I posted about a pattern I tested called the Haute Skinny Skirt.  You can look at that post here.  I loved the look of the skirt, but was bothered by the slit in the leg.  I felt like it was too high for me.
So I hacked the pattern and finished just in time to wear it while I accompanied Mr. Jiggs to some meetings he had to attend.  We took a weekend trip to the conference and I needed to look professional for several days.  I’m a stay-at-home-mom…business casual isn’t really a staple in my wardrobe.  (Actually, I took this skirt to work on in the hotel room and then ended up wearing it because I didn’t take quite enough outfits for all the events I needed to go to with him…)
I put the slit in the back and created a vent sort of thing so I never show skin through the slit.  It was perfect!  It’s one of my favorite skirts now when I want to look professional and attractive.  It’s a comfortable, conservative, flattering, pencil skirt and it’s just what I wanted!
Sorry about the wrinkles.  These pictures were taken on a walk after church.  I’d been sitting in it all day…