Handmade Swimsuit Using New Horizon Designs Patterns

by | Jul 5, 2018 | Clothing, Women | 0 comments

Last year I made my daughter and I swimsuits with rash guards as the tops.  Now that it’s summer in Florida, my long sleeve rash guard is too hot most of the time.  So I decided to add a couple pieces to my handmade swimsuit!  Excuse the awful mirror selfies.  I stink at them and just decided to quickly snap a couple pictures before we headed to the pool one day.

New Horizons Swim Suit by Hazelnut Handmade

First on my list was a new top.  I didn’t have much of the solid blue and the pink space dye fabrics left so I had to be strategic.  Instead of using the same pattern as my original rash guard, I pulled out the Key West Tank from New Horizons Designs and sewed up the slim fit.  Then I slimmed down the sides more so it wouldn’t float up around me in the water.  I wear it with the swim bralette I made last year.  I like it!  My neckline and arm bands are a bit twisted since swim is slippery and I was in too much of a rush to take more care.  But the neckline is great and the racerback is wide so it pretty much covers the swim bralette straps too.  I feel covered, but I don’t get hot when I’m not in the water!

New Horizons Swim Suit by Hazelnut Handmade

For the bottoms, I made Portlander Shorts.  I just used my normal size.  They ended up a bit long for what I wanted so I then chopped them shorter so they look more like boy shorts.  I wear them with the waist band pulled up over my belly and regular swim bottoms underneath.  Since the legs aren’t elasticized at the bottom I just feel more comfortable with swim bottoms underneath.

And that’s my ‘new’ swimsuit!  It fits my style well and makes me feel comfortable when I’m trying to get my littles to blow bubbles.  I call that a win!