Halloween Costumes 2018

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Phew!  Another Halloween in the books!  We ended up with a black cat (hence the tutorial for a simple cat tail), a Paladin of Voltron (Lance to be specific), Rayla from Dragon Prince (see more details on that costume here), and a Ranger from the book series Ranger’s Apprentice.  Halloween 2018 ended up with very happy children which makes for a happy mom!

Nut-Nut loves pretending to be a cat.  Actually, I bribe her with saucers of milk so she can drink milk like a kitty.  It’s kinda like magic.  But the true magic is watching her joy as she feels like a real kitty in her costume.  We rounded out her black pants, black shirt, cat tail, and dollar store cat ears with some black fingerless gloves.  My oldest wore those gloves for three years in a row as part of his Ash Ketchum costume.  But they got new life this year!  Since the tips of the gloves show my daughter’s fingers, she felt like she had claws!

Halloween day she got to wear her costume to preschool complete with black nose and whiskers drawn on her face.  Such a happy girl!  And I just about died from cuteness when we finished her ‘bitty buns’ and put on the cat ears.

Voltron Paladin Costume with Hazelnut Handmade

Honestly, my husband did most of the work for the Paladin of Voltron.  All I did was make the black pants and shirt under the foam armor.  Easy peasy.

Voltron Paladin Costume with Hazelnut Handmade

This costume looks pretty awesome!  It had a couple more elements planned but left unfinished because the supplies didn’t get to us in time.  Hurricane Michael delayed shipping–not much you can do about that!  Props to my hubby for making such an awesome costume!

My oldest son is now in middle school.  I love this age.  He’s growing so responsible but hasn’t let it curb his imagination.  He one request for Halloween was a cloak made out of olive French Terry.  He’s been talking about it for almost the entire year.  He fell in love with the fabric after I used it for his Summit Peak Hoodie last year.  I couldn’t get that exact French Terry any more, but found a close match at Cali Fabrics.  Doesn’t look like it’s in stock anymore which is a shame because my son declared it even better than the original French Terry!

The hood for this cloak is actually the standard hood for the TAMI Revolution Hoodie.  I cut a circle skirt as long and wide as I could fit on my 3 yards of fabric.  It ended up about 40 inches long and slightly more than half of a circle skirt.  The French Terry is soft and stretchy so I sewed ribbon along the seam attaching the hood to the cloak.  Hopefully it helps that seam keep its shape and not stretch out.  The ribbon also makes a loop to fit over a button and hold the cloak shut.  I sewed the button on the inside of the cloak so when it’s closed, you can’t see it.  It’s cool that way.

And now I can focus on my next project!  I super excited about it!  Can’t wait to cut into some non stretchy fabrics…check my instagram account for sneak peeks!