We had a hard time deciding what to be for Halloween this year.  I still wanted them all to match, and I wanted to make it work around the Tiger costume the first two piggs wore then they were 1 year old.  Because I wanted Pigg # 3 to wear it.  
So I thought Jasmine, Aladdin, and Raja-the tiger.  It would be perfect!  And Adorable!  I got Pigg # 2 on board, but Pigg#1 just wouldn’t go for it.  And then my attempts to make Jasmin pants out of an old shirt didn’t work because there just wasn’t enough fabric to work with.  (But now she has another pair of pants/leggings to keep her legs warm!)
So Pigg#1 and I talked again, and he said he wanted to be a Knight.  The picture he liked looked an awful lot like Prince Phillip…so he eventually agreed to be Prince Phillip and match Pigg#2 as long as he got a sword, a shield, and the tunic.  Deal.
And Pigg#2, well she became Briar Rose because I had an old shirt with the sweet lacing already done.  And it was perfect for Aurora’s peasant dress.  And I happened to have the fabric for a skirt to match.  The only thing I had to buy for their costumes was the black elastic for Pigg#2’s skirt.
So here is our Halloween story:  (I know.  Totally inspired by Make it and Love it.)
Briar Rose went out for a walk to get some water from the stream.
And then the dragon came up to capture her and put her to sleep.

Prince Phillip was there to save her from the dragon.

But then Aurora and the dragon became friends and started playing in the water together.

Prince Phillip was a bit confused.

But eventually convinced Aurora to leave her new friend and dance with him in the meadow instead while the photographer sang ‘Once Upon a Dream’.  (Mood Music)

And they were very happy.

Aurora said “Prince Phillip, you’re so handsome.”

“I’ll always find you!”

“Thank you!”

“You’re my hero!”

“I know” said Prince Phillip.

“They all say that.”

And what about that dragon?  He wandered off to find a new friend.

And ended up tangled in some vines and had to be rescued himself.  ðŸ™‚

Thanks for humoring me.  As you can see, our costumes are not elaborate.  At the same time, I’m very pleased how well they came together.  I made the hat and tunic for Prince Phillip.  I already had a black polo shirt that I refashioned before we moved.  And his pants are normal every-day pants.  And I already had a red cape.  It had a felt spider appliqué, but Pigg#1 was fine with me taking the applique off because then he could be Superman too!  And his belt is his normal belt.
Oh, I did make the sword and shield.  We just cut two layers of Cardboard and duck taped them together with a loop on the back for his arm.  He loves that it is a big shield.
I made more things for Pigg #2’s costume.  After cutting up my old shirt with the lacing, I attached it at the arms and across the back to one of Pigg#2’s many shirts.  I left my shirt long so it goes down to her knees, but it is tucked under her skirt so it doesn’t really matter.  It sort of serves as a modesty slip like they use in folk costumes.  Originally, I gathered a long rectangle and attached the elastic to the top to make her skirt, but I didn’t like how it flowed.  So I pulled out the circle skirt pattern I made at least a year ago and used last spring and made it into a circle skirt instead.  I think it looks more like Aurora and flows better.  Then I attached some black knit from the shirt I cut up to an elastic headband that was dying anyways and made a headband.  He shoes are her normal Sunday Shoes.
And the dragon (I know, it looks more like a dinosaur) is just some yellow felt sewn on the back of a green sleeper I already had.  It’s comfy, lets his feet be free for shoes when we trick or treat, and didn’t take any time at all.  He may still end up going trick or treating as a friendly woodland tiger, even though tigers wouldn’t live in those woods.  Kids don’t know that right?  Besides, that tiger costume I have is so cute…and it somewhat of a tradition.  We’ll see what happens between now and Halloween.
When I got it all put together Pigg #1 said, “This is the best costume ever!  I really look like Prince Phillip, don’t I?”  That made me feel pretty good.  Pigg#2 still wants the pink Aurora dress, but she’s still content to wear this Trick or Treating.