Sewing Up Spring-Making A Gauzy Shirt With A Pattern For Knits

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I bought some lovely gauzy material to make lightweight spring scarf for this month’s Sewing Up Spring Blog Tour.  But honestly, I don’t wear scarves very often. (Although I find I like thin knit infinity scarves pretty well) And my mind kept coming back to a lightweight gauzy shirt.  So I went for it!

Gauzy Shirt from pattern for Knits

This gauzy shirt is a mash up and hack of two patterns from New Horizons.


Knit Pattern to Woven FabricsThe basic pattern pieces come from the Deer Creek Tunic.  I have been wearing the green tunic I made all winter long and it while I wasn’t quite sure of it to begin with, it’s really grown on me.  And I wanted to take the same style lines and use it with the lightweight gauzy fabric.

Because the Deer Creek Tunic is drafted for knit fabrics, I added 7.5 inches to the back pieces.  Without the stretch from knit, I needed extra room for my shoulders and for the shirt to lay comfortably.  I also added and inch of length to the bodice pieces.

Knit Pattern to Woven FabricsConfession: I messed up and added too much to the back pieces.  I intended to add 3.75 inches but I slid the pattern piece the entire 3.75 inches from the fold, creating 7.5 extra inches in the back piece.  I even took a picture because in my head I was going to do ‘how-to’ and show pictures of my process!  And I didn’t have enough fabric to cut it again.  Blah.

The box pleat at the back was in my ‘hack’ even with only 3.75 inches added, so I just made the pleat bigger!  I don’t need all 7.5 inches of extra width so it’s looking more baggy in the back than I intended.

My neckline began as a bias tape edge, but then I folded it under and top stitched.  Kinda like a facing that has been topstitched.  And then I enclosed the sleeves with white bias tape.  I love how that turned out out!

Gauzy Shirt from pattern for KnitsMash

I love the hemline from the Telluride Top I made a year and a half ago so I decided to use it to make a high-low hem for this shirt.  I traced the hem from the Telluride onto my Deer Creek Tunic pattern pieces, shifting the pieces up about 3 inches.  My vision really needed a shirt length instead of tunic length.  The length in the back is perfect, but the front turned out a little short.  In the future, I’ll adjust the curve of either the front or back high low so the front isn’t so short and the back doesn’t get too long.

Knit Pattern to Woven FabricsThis top ended up a bit different than I imagined in my head.  Not sure the proportions are quite right for my body with the front a bit short and the back a bit too roomy.  Plus the fabric gets static really easily!  But I love the colors (makes me think of last month’s blog tour about Pantone’s colors.  I’m seeing more Hazelnut and some Lapis.  And then I’m a big sucker for Coral…)  Once the weather warms up I’ll wear it at least a few times and go from there.

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