Free Motion Quilting Baby’s Name

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My sister-in-law is a registered dietitian with her own blog with nutrition tips and recipes.  She recently gave birth to a baby girl, and our whole family was so excited to welcome the baby!  Last week I shared the tiered party dress I just HAD to make.  (Girls are so fun to dress!) But I also made a special quilt for my new niece by quilting baby’s name in the blanket.  I used free motion quilting to incorporate the baby’s name in the actual quilting.  I love how it turned out!Free Motion quilting baby's name



After my first attempt at free motion quilting, I felt so liberated and inspired!  I was anxious to try my hand at free motion quilting again.  And then my SIL announced the name for her new baby girl and I brainstormed ideas for a quilt made specially for her-with free motion quilting.  And it came to me-use the baby’s name as the pattern for my free motion quilting! I haven’t seen quilts with the baby’s name in the quilting and I thought it would be so fun to try!

Free Motion Quilting Baby's NameQuilting baby’s name is a very subtle detail in the quilt.  I used colored thread to quilt the name large in the while section of the quilt, but the rest of the quilting is smaller and not as noticeable.  Following the lines of the piecing, I quilted the baby’s name as many times as would fit in the space-as if I were writing her name in cursive over and over.  The next line, I flipped the quilt to the back and quilted baby’s name with the back face up.  The effect is every other line of quilting is backwards, but you can always read her name in the quilted whether the quilt is face up or face down.


Free Motion Quilting Baby's NameFree Motion Quilting Baby's NameOverall, the quilt is one of my favorite so far.  I love the colors, the piecing, the random pattern (check out my post on how I randomize things), little silver hearts in the binding, and the white space in the middle!  It’s a sweet, fun, modern, special quilt.



Want a quilt with your baby’s name quilted into the blanket?  Contact me and I can make one for you!


Isn’t my niece just the sweetest?