Hipster Fox and Bicycle Quilt

by | Sep 11, 2017 | Quilts | 1 comment


Oooo! I love this quilt!  It’s calming yet fun and features an adorable print with foxes and bicycles!  The bicycles gave me a slight hipster vibe and I just HAD to pick up some of the print and make a cute hipster fox and bicycle baby quilt.  And it is up for sale in the HazelnutMade Etsy Shop.

Fox and Bicycle QuiltLately, I’ve really enjoyed making strip quilts.  I get to use some fun prints in large enough pieces to appreciate the pattern, but then balance the prints out with solids and ‘blenders’.  I especially love that I was able to reference so many elements of the hipster fox and bicycle print in the other fabrics of the quilt top.

Fox and Bicycle QuiltWe’ve got a bit of gray chevron, like some of the fox tails.  Some ice blue dots to pull out the blue bicycles and dots of fox tails.  Light and dark solid grays matching the grays in the trees and fox tails.  A gray print that looks a bit like grass and almost makes a herringbone effect like the trees in the print.

And then the back fabric is a single piece of dark gray with metallic circles.  Which ties into the dots and bicycle wheels.

Now all that may seem a bit cheesy, but honestly-all these elements are balanced and cohesive in a way that just makes me happy!  And I didn’t use tons of bright colors! Just a pop of orange from the foxes.

I kept the quilting very simple and made straight lines across the width in varying thicknesses.  I love the simplicity, order, and neutrality.  All together, this is a great quilt for a baby!  Head on over to the Etsy Shop to purchase this Hipster Fox and Bicycle Quilt or to start a conversation about a custom made quilt!

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