This Christmas my mother-in-law visited for a week and we created some projects for ourselves.  We picked up McCall’s pattern 6213 and made a few versions until we were happy. 
 Warm fleece hats with ear flaps to keep those little ears toasty.
 Pigg#2 hates having a hat on because it always slides down covering her eyes.  I’d hate that too.  So I thought this would solve our problem.
Covers the ears, not the eyes, and ties underneath the chin just in case she still rebels.  Because currently she pulls it off 2 seconds after I slide it on.
Pigg#1 likes his very much which is why we actually have a model for this project.  He also like the experimental one that looks funny but makes a great football helmet.  I’m glad he’s finding a use for it and not using the nice one to pull around and stretch.  I plan to make another for Mr. Jiggs once I get some more plain dark fleece.  Maybe I’ll try a different style…