Finished Baby Life Quilt

by | Jun 20, 2011 | Quilts | 6 comments

I finally finished the quilt for Pigg#3 and I have to say that I am very pleased with how it turned out.  I’d love to make another one someday and do an even better job…since I learned a lot along the way.
 Not bad for my first quilting experience!  The fabric on the back is my favorite of all the ones I used.  And it helped me quilt since I just followed the diagonals of the plaid for the machine quilting.  I thought it made the front quilting design more interesting.  Especially because I was not ready to free-style or whatever the curvy kind
of quilting is called.
 I un-intentionally made the binding bigger than I needed to, but that just means I used more fabric than I needed to.  It doesn’t change the looks. And the corners and nice an crisp.
The quilt has been finished for quite a while, but today is Pigg#3’s due date so it seems fitting to share my work of art today.  Labor of Love…