First, for the belt I cut out a long strip 3 inches wide, fold it in half and sew down the length.
 And then sew down the length of the other side.  I don’t bother closing off the ends.  I add button holes to one end of the belt and a button on the other end.
For the holsters I lay my squirt gun on the felt and cut around it in the general shape.  It’s probably about 1/2 to 3/4 inch from the actual squirt gun.  I slant the top end so that when it is hanging from a belt, the handle of the gun is higher up than the rest of the gun.  I cut out a second piece using the first one as a pattern and make it shorter.  This will be the front of the gun holster.
This is where you put on any decorative stuff you want.  Sew the decoration onto the front (short) holster piece, then sew the front and back piece together.
 Next sew two strips to the top of the holster.  Since my strips are a bit short, I sewed one side on and used the belt to figure out where to sew the other side of the belt.  It’s easier just to cut the strips longer and sew it on once in a loop.


Now you can slide those holsters on your belt and have a war!