Here are a few quick cute clips I made for my friend’s baby girl.  I liked them so much that I had to make some for Pigg#2 as well.

Easy but oh so adorable!
And more with a slightly different shape and pearl centers.

 My personal favorite of the whole bunch.

 I got the pearl centers from some necklaces in Target’s dollar spot.  Does anyone else ever get totally sucked into that place?  I mean, once I bought the necklace to cut up and use the beads from, then I caved and bought another to save for future dress-ups.  Pigg#2 is a bit young for that, but someday she’ll love little necklaces to put on!

I guess right now I’m still working on convincing her to leave her hair in.  Each Sunday I have to do her hair two or three times…because she pulls out her bows and elastics on the way to church!

Good thing I love how she looks in bows!