Pigg#1 has a friend turning three in a couple of weeks.  She’s very into dress-ups and I happened to have this fabric around my house, so decided to make a Dorothy costume for her birthday.  I used this tutorial for the skirt.
The dress is made of a circle skirt like in the tutorial, but I didn’t want to attach the skirt directly to the elastic waistband.  I wanted a casing so I could keep the Checked fabric look.  So I gathered the skirt slightly and attached a casing.
But I wanted it to be flat (not gathered) in the front and gathered in the back.  Can you see it in the picture?
I should have put the opening for the casing on the side so I could slide the elastic all around the back and sew it to the casings on the side, but I didn’t.  I put it in the back.  (sewing at night. not thinking efficiently)  So I’d have to cut my elastic in half.
Solution: sew two pieces of elastic to the ends of a flat piece of fabric.  It created one piece to thread through the casing but stretchy parts on the ends and non stretchy part in the middle.  Once through the casing, I tacked the sides so the elastic/fabric thing in the middle wouldn’t slide around.  Hard to see in the pic, but it’s sewn in a line from top of casing to bottom.


And then I added two squares/rectangles to the front and back (actually, I did this at the same time I was putting the casing on) and straps with two button holes to adjust for growth.
Back view of the dress.
I think she’ll like it.  All it needs is a white shirt underneath.