Pigg#1 was invited to a superhero themed birthday party.  I’m really not into the comic book heroes like Batman and Spider man so I decided to make everything the little boy would need to become CTR Boy.  My sister has this adorable book.  I love it because it takes superheros and adds a bit more real life usefulness to it and still allows for the fun and magic of superheros.
I made the cape myself.  I’ll tell more about that later.  When I find an excuse to make another one.

And I got the idea for the mask and wrist things here.  Pigg#1 was sooo excited when he saw I was making ones for him too.

I love how Pigg#1 was completely in character for this little photo shoot.  It probably helped that Mr. Jiggs said he couldn’t play with the RC Car until I took my pictures.  I love when Pigg#1 realizes he’ll get what he wants much faster if he does what I want first.  

Is that what CTR Boy is all about?  Maybe not, but he has been making better choices lately…