Eeek!  I’ve been wanting to make labels to put on my creations for a couple years and I’ve finally printed some and started using them.
Although, I’m not use to having them and keep forgetting to put them in!  🙂
I used a couple tutorials for making labels through Spoonflower.  The idea is you create your own print (used Photoshop), upload it to, select what type of fabric you want it printed on and the size, then order!
I’m really pleased with the colors and resolution!  The sizes are just about right, maybe a little tweaking.  I ordered a fat quarter to make sure the labels were just what I wanted before printing a whole yard and getting 300+ labels!
I’ve tried out all of the types I made at least once.  We’ll see which ones I end up using most!  I used one of the labels I intended for Quilts on the outside of a waistband.  Perhaps it will be useful in clothing as well!
Halloween costumes are finished, finally!  I’ll hopefully share those by Monday…nothing like procrastinating…