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Haute Skinny Skirt Hack

Several weeks ago I posted about a pattern I tested called the Haute Skinny Skirt.  You can look at that post here.  I loved the look of the skirt, but was bothered by the slit in the leg.  I felt like it was too high for me. So I hacked the pattern and finished just in time to wear it while I accompanied Mr. Jiggs to some meetings he had to attend.  We took a weekend trip to the conference and I needed to look professional for several days.  I’m a stay-at-home-mom…business casual isn’t really a staple in my wardrobe.  (Actually, I took this skirt to work on in the hotel room and then ended up wearing it because I didn’t take quite enough outfits for all the events I needed to go to with him…) I put the slit in the back and created a vent sort of thing so I never show skin through the slit.  It was perfect!  It’s one of my favorite skirts now when I want to look professional and attractive.  It’s a comfortable, conservative, flattering, pencil skirt and it’s just what I wanted! Sorry about the wrinkles.  These pictures were taken on a walk after church.  I’d been sitting in it all...

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Pattern Test: Haute Skinny Skirt

I got to test a pattern!  And I loved the experience!  I plan to make another to get the skirt just right. The pattern is called the Haute Skinny Skirt and was created by Christina Albeck of Wardrobe by Me.  This makes a skin tight pencil skirt.  The thing I love about it is the panels..they are really flattering.  Some of the skirts made by the other pattern testers are amazing.  Go look at them.  Really.  I got so many ideas after seeing what they created with the same pattern. The skirt has an invisible zipper in the back with a hook and eye at the top.  The pattern calls for woven with stretch and I’m telling you, make sure you get good stretch in your fabric.  It makes a huge difference in the fit and comfort of the skirt!  It is meant to hug your figure and needs that stretch to be comfortable while still maintaining that sleek sophisticated look.  So please, do yourself a favor and get enough stretch in your fabric!   My apologies for the inside pictures.  Mr. Jiggs didn’t get home until night and we didn’t have enough light to get good outside pictures.  Then he got artistic and said he thought the stair rails added interest and outside pictures distracted from the skirt…I’m just grateful he took pictures for me.  But you get my heavy...

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Adult Circle Skirt

As part of my “use fabric you have on Projects you’ve been meaning to do”, I decided to try out Dana’s circle skirt tutorial in my size.  I use it before to make this little Dorothy dress-up for a friend, but I had tons of this fabric and wanted to try an adult version.   I found the fabric at a yard sale probably two years ago and have been thinking about this since then.  It reminds me of those china bowls and plates…Blue Willow or something like that. The elastic was pulled out of my favorite pair of workout/lounge pants after I wore them so much the elastic practically tore it’s own way out of the waistband.  I had to tweak the process a little so you wouldn’t see the black satins from the sweatpants.    And then I made a matching skirt for Pigg#2!  I know I’m cheesy.  I’m beyond making matching clothes for my daughter and her dolly (Which I will happily do when she’s older)…I make matching clothes for me and my real live dolly!  🙂  I’m calling it her Easter skirt…because she already had a gorgeous dress from a cousin and didn’t need a cute dress for Easter.  We did take these pictures on Easter.  But no…we did not wear them to...

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Maternity Tunic

I really like this type of neckline.  I used it for Pigg#2’s Easter Dress and just seem to be drawn back to it over and over.   I wanted to make one for myself.  It needed to match a shirt underneath since I’m a sleeve type of girl and I wanted it to match a skirt I have (not pictured).  I came up with this.   Hopefully I can wear it after the baby with a belt and it will still look good.  I pulled out an XL white long sleeve t-shirt from my stash. I used another maternity shirt to help me with the width and length of the shirt. And cut out a front and back.  With the front being a bit wider.  The neck opens on one side with the button.  Another pic because I like the button.  And gathered in the back as well. I’m pleased and hope it gets some good...

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Ruched Materity Shirt

I picked up a cute maternity shirt from Old Navy during their clearance sale back in January and based a new shirt off of it.  They are pretty much the same, but with small adjustments like longer sleeves and more room in the shoulders so the neckline isn’t so wide.  The little ruffle embellishment at the neckline is circles cut to the center, then opened up flat and sewn so it hangs in folds.  That may not make much sense, but leave a comment if you’d like more explanation.   It looks better on a person than lying on the ground.    And even better when the sun isn’t shining in my eyes. I’m not a very natural model and Mr. Jiggs and I felt a bit silly taking pictures at the park while the two little piggs were playing with a remote control car.  Well, Pigg#1 was driving the car and Pigg#2 was running away from it sobbing or standing still sobbing–petrified because she couldn’t figure out how to get away from it fast enough.  So focus on the shirt and not on my my modeling. And yes.  Pigg#3 is on his way and should arrive the middle of...

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