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KCWC-Faux Vest

Wow.  I actually got another thing made this week! My sister-in-law is about to have a baby boy and said she could use some more clothes since her first boy put some nice stains on his clothes.  Hopefully she’s too busy to look at this blog before it gets to her!  Crossing my fingers that I’m not ruining the surprise! Now I’ve made tie onesies before.  I made one for Pigg#3 when he was born and loved it for dressing up my baby to go to church without making a bunch of fuss. But my SIL sew too and has already done that.  So when I saw this adorable idea I had to do it too!  And then I had to made another in a bigger size for Pigg#3.  It fit Pigg#3 well so hopefully this smaller one will fit the new baby too.    And then I had to squeeze out matching pants for both outfits because it’s so adorable.  The fabric is from one of Mr. Jiggs’ old dress shirts that were too short in the sleeve. I used Dana’s flat front pant tutorial.    And then I cut up some of Mr. Jigg’s old khaki pants that were fraying on the hem to make some matching khaki pants in a slightly bigger size.  And then I started making bow ties out of the scraps!  I went...

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Baby Romper–Dress Shirt Style

I made this little outfit before Pigg#3 was born and just haven’t blogged about it yet.  It’s basically the same type of outfit that I made for Pigg#3’s blessing, but in a bigger size.  And I had a store made garment to trace around and use as a size guideline.  I gave it away as a gift, but I’m pretty sure it will fit.  The snaps worked better on this one. I’m a big fan of rompers for my baby boy because they are comfy and easy, but a bit more than just a onesie.  And I think these are a great way to use up dress shirts that just aren’t working for the big man in your life...

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Blessing Outfit

We blessed Pigg#3 a couple of weeks ago while family was in town.  I couldn’t find anything I liked to dress him in the stores that were in my price range so I decided to make an outfit out of one of Mr. Jiggs’ dress shirts.  Some how the first one (from a white shirt) ended up too small.  I’m not sure if I cut it out wrong or if Pigg#3 grew that fast.  So I tried again with this blue plaid so I didn’t use up all my white shirts if it didn’t work again.  I ran out of time to make another one out of a white shirt, so he was blessed in blue plaid.  At least he wasn’t naked! Sorry about the blurry pic.  The camera focused on the wall behind us.  Bummer.  Basically, I cut out the front and back the same size and had the front use the existing buttons from the shirt.  Then I added sleeves using the existing hems, a collar from the existing collar, and some snaps on the bottom.  But my snap tool was giving me trouble again.  Anyone have tips for making the snaps stay in the...

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Tie Shirt

I’ve seen tutorials for these little tie onesies in many places and finally decided to make one to go with the knit receiving blanket and hat I made for a baby shower.  I didn’t particularly follow any tutorial because it is pretty simple, but I didn’t come up with the idea myself.  And then I thought it was so cute (and I’ve always wanted to make one for my own boy but never gotten around to it) that I cut out several more ‘ties’ so I can make a quick gift when I need it.  And the fabric came from one of Mr. Jiggs’ old dress shirts that I had to cut up.  I’m sure it will show up again in other projects because I love the blue and green combo.  They were my wedding colors.  And are colors in my kitchen.  But don’t worry…I’m starting to expand a bit.  My living room is spinach green and brown. I think it’s perfect for taking your newborn to church!  Comfy and a bit more...

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Valentines for Preschool

Pigg#1’s preschool is doing a Valentine’s day exchange and I didn’t want to send candy.  Treats are pretty few for Pigg#1 and getting a ton at holidays just creates problems since he feel ownership over them.   So I made heat/cold packs like the ones over here.  Except I put mine in plain old fold tip sandwich bags.  I don’t have cute little gift bags hanging around my house.  And some of the fabric came from dress shirts I made into short sleeve shirts. 17 little hearts filled with rice.  And plenty of grains of rice in my carpet. Happy Valentine’s...

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