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Belle Doll Dress

Although I haven’t made a ton of doll clothes, I couldn’t resist joining this the Oh Sew Kat doll clothes blog tour.  You see, the Sugar and Spice Dress is the perfect dress for making Character/Princess inspired doll clothes.  And I have a serious soft spot Beauty and the Beast.  So I had to make a Belle doll dress for my doll. Technically this is my daughter’s doll because I gave it to her last year.  But it has been hard to let go of my doll.  And no matter how many times my daughter changes her name, I’ll...

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2017 Favorite Makes

As I was planning my 2018MakeNine, I kept thinking about how much fun I had in 2017.  Over on instagram, I shared my BestNine from 2017.  And several of my favorite projects made it there.  But I thought it’s be fun to share my 2017 Favorite Makes.  Because these are the ones that I am extra proud of. Tami Revolution Hoodie   Last February I helped with testing this hoodie and I still love this burgundy hoodie I made for the test.  The color is a good color for me, I like the subtle sparkle, and I love how...

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How Sewing Saved My Sanity

Today’s contribution to the Thankful Blog Tour is about sewing, but is more personal than usual.  I don’t have a great project to share or even a terrible one.  Just my own reflections about how sewing has saved my sanity and claimed its place in my life.  And gratitude that it has.  So here’s a piece of my Sewing Story: I didn’t always love sewing. As a kid, I only learned to sew because it was summer (it seems so long as a kid), Mom let me pick my own fabrics, and it wasn’t really a choice (I guess...

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Scripture Tote

At the same time I made my daughter’s scriptures cover, I made a little bag for her to carry things to church.  A scripture tote.  I couldn’t help it-the scripture cover didn’t really have any place to keep paper or a pen and bags are just fun!  I saw a bag with this general shape and drew out my own pattern for it. I love the bag’s simple, clean lines.  And the unique shape.  The handles are part of the sides instead of separate straps sewn onto the side.  I wanted the bag to be cute, but not overly...

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