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How to Make an Infinity Scarf Fast

With the holidays approaching, I’ve got Christmas gifts on my mind.  And since we are moving soon, I’ve especially been thinking about our teachers because they are awesome and we are so grateful for them!  I certainly want them to know how much I appreciate them and their wonderful influence on my children.   One of my favorite gifts to make for teachers (because even though gift cards are King I still like to make something) is infinity scarves.  They fits all sizes, are practical (at least in cold places), are not a food item, and can be as...

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DIY Fabric Feathers

Interested in adding feathers but want to be able to wash them?  Fabric feathers are your answer!  Here is a tutorial for the making the feathers on Nut-Nut’s Rise of the Guardian Tooth Fairy Costume.  After Halloween, she’ll be able to wear it as pajamas and those feathers will wash too!   I made two types of feathers for the hood on the Tooth Fairy Costume.  Regular feathers and Feathers with shape. Regular Feathers. Step 1: Layer your chosen knit on top of similar colored felt Because knit tends to curl, you need to stabilize the knit or else...

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How to make a Pixie Hood from a Standard Hood

Earlier this month I shared Nut-Nut’s Halloween Costume.  Go check it out if you missed it.  I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.   She became convinced she needed to be the Tooth Fairy from the Rise of the Guardians so I had to figure out how to make a costume and not drive myself crazy.  One of the defining elements of the Tooth Fairy is all the feathers on her head.  They remind me of a bird and form a pixie hood shape.  Lots of patterns have pixie hoods, but I don’t own any.  So here is...

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How to Make a Random Pattern

Patterns are wonderful.  Then create a sense of balance and order and are visually interesting.  But sometimes I just need a random pattern.  Maybe I don’t have quite enough of a particular print to create the pattern I want.  Or, the pattern I’ve created just isn’t speaking to me at the moment.  In that case, random is the way to go. Over the past few months I’ve made several quilts for my Etsy shop and to give as baby gifts.  And I’ve been reminded how hard making a random pattern can be!  When I try to make a random arrangement,...

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How to Make a Simple Dolman Woven Top

I LOVE how the Deer Creek Tunic and Dress fits and looks on me! After my initial tunic, I hacked it to make a gauzy lightweight shirt and hacked it into a high-low maxi dress.  The dress turned out fantastic but the gauzy shirt needed a few more tweaks.  So I made a simple dolman woven top with the Deer Creek Tunic and Dress as my starting point. Last Summer I bought this fun shimmery fabric from Joann’s Red Tag fabrics to make a loose woven top. I love this shiny fabric and it’s probably the first floral I have worn since the...

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