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How to Make a Random Pattern

Patterns are wonderful.  Then create a sense of balance and order and are visually interesting.  But sometimes I just need a random pattern.  Maybe I don’t have quite enough of a particular print to create the pattern I want.  Or, the pattern I’ve created just isn’t speaking to me at the moment.  In that case, random is the way to go. Over the past few months I’ve made several quilts for my Etsy shop and to give as baby gifts.  And I’ve been reminded how hard making a random pattern can be!  When I try to make a random arrangement,...

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How to Make a Simple Dolman Woven Top

I LOVE how the Deer Creek Tunic and Dress fits and looks on me! After my initial tunic, I hacked it to make a gauzy lightweight shirt and hacked it into a high-low maxi dress.  The dress turned out fantastic but the gauzy shirt needed a few more tweaks.  So I made a simple dolman woven top with the Deer Creek Tunic and Dress as my starting point. Last Summer I bought this fun shimmery fabric from Joann’s Red Tag fabrics to make a loose woven top. I love this shiny fabric and it’s probably the first floral I have worn since the...

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How to Add Belt Loops to Pants

Nut#3 got a new pair of nice dress pants for wearing to church-made by mom! He rarely gets new clothes because he lives in Nut#1’s hand-me-downs. But the church pants got holes in the knees- so I used the New Horizons Metropolitan Pants to make Nut#3’s new Sunday pants. I sewed them up, Nut#3 declared them great, and then as I helped him get dressed for church I realized they were missing something. Belt Loops. I’ve made church pants for Nut#1 before (aww..look how cute Nut#1 is as a 4 year old!).  Back then I up cycled my husband’s old work pants into...

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Make a High-Low Dolman Maxi Dress

For Easter this year, I made myself a new dress!  I had some lightweight knit from Joann’s Red Tag section and thought it would be great as a lightweight dolman maxi dress.  Nothing fussy or fancy, but cool and comfortable for the upcoming summer. To make my dolman maxi dress, I started with the Deer Creek Tunic and Dress and made a few adjustments. Adjustments During Cutting As I was cutting out the dress, I lengthened the bodice 3 inches and extended the shoulder seams about an inch.  I extended both the top and bottom lines for the sleeves...

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Quick Fix for Holes in Footie Pajamas

Spring is here, but just barely.  Our cold days are more than our warm days, but I think we are past snow.  (Please?) Anyone else have footie pajamas with holes in the toes?  While I still want my kids to wear warm pajamas to bed, I’m not buying or making new ones since warm weather is right around the corner.  Time to get creative! Nut-Nut really likes these pajamas.  They are hand-me-downs from Nut#2, who got them handed down from cousins, so they have had a good long life.  But she likes them.  I could have just cut off...

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