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Towel Robes

At Christmas time I had the idea to make robes for the Piggs out of towels.  When they get out of the tub, they wrap up in the robe and it keeps Pigg#1 from running around naked with his towel flapping behind him.   I bought two Target towels of each color and cut them up to make the robes, using the towel edges whenever possible.  The yellow one has been finished for months and the green one has been cut out for a long time, waiting to be sewn. Ignore that the yellow one’s hood is sewn on inside out.  I had already sewn a flat felled seam to encase the towel edges before I noticed the mistake.  Not worth unpicking.  I used a serger on the green one and it almost went more smoothly.  The threads kept breaking and I broke a needle going through some of the flat fell seams I was using to make sure the towel fabric didn’t make tons of strings in the wash.  But the serged finish is SOOOOO nice.  Wish I had a serger to keep forever.  Pigg#1 doesn’t show it, but he really likes the robe.  They are soft and have bright colors.  And they keep the children modest.  Worth the effort.  I...

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Maternity Tunic

I really like this type of neckline.  I used it for Pigg#2’s Easter Dress and just seem to be drawn back to it over and over.   I wanted to make one for myself.  It needed to match a shirt underneath since I’m a sleeve type of girl and I wanted it to match a skirt I have (not pictured).  I came up with this.   Hopefully I can wear it after the baby with a belt and it will still look good.  I pulled out an XL white long sleeve t-shirt from my stash. I used another maternity shirt to help me with the width and length of the shirt. And cut out a front and back.  With the front being a bit wider.  The neck opens on one side with the button.  Another pic because I like the button.  And gathered in the back as well. I’m pleased and hope it gets some good...

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Baby Shower Gift: Shrug

Not only am I expecting a baby, but many of my friends in my church are as well.  So much of my crafting time lately has been trying to prepare for baby showers.  Fun, but I need to start making a bunch in advance instead of waiting for the day of. My friend was having a baby girl and I had a green skirt I wanted to use in the gift, but now top to go with it.  So I found this shirt that Pigg#2 doesn’t need, but is the same kind of green and decided to use this tutorial to make a shrug to go with the skirt.   My only change was to also cut up some shorts that were in the same color of green to make a straight edge instead of a ruffled edge.  Then I ruffled some of the extra fabric from the shirt and sewed a squigly design on a onesie.  And added a ruffle to the bum part.  And ended up with an outfit that looks like this.  Not your traditional pink girl outfit.  But fun.  And the green color matched something else I made to go with the outfit.  I love it when the parts of my gift actually coordinate.  Perhaps it makes up for my pathetic presentation skills.  I told you…I need to prepare ahead of time so I actually have...

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Valentine Sweater Dress

By the time I actually finished the leggings for this outfit, it was 10:30 Valentine morning.  I’m sure my neighbors who talked with me (while still in my pajamas) as I took pictures for grandparents thought I was crazy. But my little Piggs are adroable and Mr. Jiggs likes the dress!  Score.  I love Pigg#2’s pigtails and simply tied scraps of the legging material in bows. The dress use to be a sweater of mine in high school.  It’s pink and fuzzy and stretchey and comfy.  So stretchy that Pigg#2 likes to pull one of her arms up through the neck and wear it with one shoulder bare.  But it stretches the neck and I’m not okay with that.  I made the dress and leggings a bit big hoping they will still fit next year.  The weather keeps wanting to warm up where we live and I don’t think it will stay cold for more than a month or so more. We’re enjoying the beautiful weather and being...

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New Sunday Pants

Mr. Jiggs wears lots of khaki pants and dress pants since he dresses business casual almost every day.  And his pants start feeling the wear quickly.  His most recent pair of nice black pants wore through the top of the waist band and all the belt loops were becoming threadbare.    But the rest of the fabric was still in good condition.  So I ripped out the zipper to use in some future project and cut the pants down to make new church pants for Pigg#1.  He wore them for the first time and looked so spiffy.  The pants are a bit long with room to grow and an elastic waistband so he can go potty easily.  But I added some belt loops so he can wear a belt and tuck in his shirt for that nice crisp look I love. I know black shoes with a brown belt isn’t exactly right, but we only have a brown belt.  I also made the blue shirt almost a year ago from a dress shirt that got an ink stain on the back.  I guess the arms are getting a bit short now.  Maybe I’ll make another one...

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