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Halloween 2012

We had a hard time deciding what to be for Halloween this year.  I still wanted them all to match, and I wanted to make it work around the Tiger costume the first two piggs wore then they were 1 year old.  Because I wanted Pigg # 3 to wear it.   So I thought Jasmine, Aladdin, and Raja-the tiger.  It would be perfect!  And Adorable!  I got Pigg # 2 on board, but Pigg#1 just wouldn’t go for it.  And then my attempts to make Jasmin pants out of an old shirt didn’t work because there just wasn’t enough fabric to work with.  (But now she has another pair of pants/leggings to keep her legs warm!) So Pigg#1 and I talked again, and he said he wanted to be a Knight.  The picture he liked looked an awful lot like Prince Phillip…so he eventually agreed to be Prince Phillip and match Pigg#2 as long as he got a sword, a shield, and the tunic.  Deal. And Pigg#2, well she became Briar Rose because I had an old shirt with the sweet lacing already done.  And it was perfect for Aurora’s peasant dress.  And I happened to have the fabric for a skirt to match.  The only thing I had to buy for their costumes was the black elastic for Pigg#2’s skirt. So here is our Halloween story:  (I...

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Pigg # 2 always wants to wear dresses and skirts.  So that means leggings!  I cut up an old shirt of mine and used some leggings from Target that fit her well as a guide on how to cut out the pieces. The shirt is one I made last year for our family pictures.  I still love the print and wish I had more! When I called her to come for the pictures, she she brought her teapot.  So we added it as a prop.  No rhyme or reason. There are her interpretation of ‘pretty legs’. The little dance class I run out of my living room must be sinking in a little! Love her little hip pop! And another pair of leggings I cut out of an old sweater from high school.  I thought she’d appreciate the pink more than I would.  I didn’t have enough room to cut a casing for the elastic, but it is super soft so I just sewed it to the top.  It’s actually ripped off an old pair of Mr. Jigg’s underwear!  That’s why it’s so soft.  I ran out of elastic and had to make do to get the project finished. That’s what I’ve made for KCWC so far!  May be all that happens too.  But Pigg #2 will have warm...

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Striped Tunic

Another Tunic type of dress I made this week.  This was an old shirt of mine that I cut down to Pigg#2’s size.  It matches those leggings of hers perfectly (found them on clearance a year ago for a buck or two.  Score!) And I pretty much love it, even though I had to force her to put it on.  She picked out her bow.  She really likes this one.  Can’t see it but it has a vintagey pearl in the middle.  At least she acts like she likes it now that it’s...

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Baby Romper–Dress Shirt Style

I made this little outfit before Pigg#3 was born and just haven’t blogged about it yet.  It’s basically the same type of outfit that I made for Pigg#3’s blessing, but in a bigger size.  And I had a store made garment to trace around and use as a size guideline.  I gave it away as a gift, but I’m pretty sure it will fit.  The snaps worked better on this one. I’m a big fan of rompers for my baby boy because they are comfy and easy, but a bit more than just a onesie.  And I think these are a great way to use up dress shirts that just aren’t working for the big man in your life...

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Blessing Outfit

We blessed Pigg#3 a couple of weeks ago while family was in town.  I couldn’t find anything I liked to dress him in the stores that were in my price range so I decided to make an outfit out of one of Mr. Jiggs’ dress shirts.  Some how the first one (from a white shirt) ended up too small.  I’m not sure if I cut it out wrong or if Pigg#3 grew that fast.  So I tried again with this blue plaid so I didn’t use up all my white shirts if it didn’t work again.  I ran out of time to make another one out of a white shirt, so he was blessed in blue plaid.  At least he wasn’t naked! Sorry about the blurry pic.  The camera focused on the wall behind us.  Bummer.  Basically, I cut out the front and back the same size and had the front use the existing buttons from the shirt.  Then I added sleeves using the existing hems, a collar from the existing collar, and some snaps on the bottom.  But my snap tool was giving me trouble again.  Anyone have tips for making the snaps stay in the...

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