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Pieced Baby Quilt

Here is a baby quilt or wall hanging that is almost exactly like this one listed in my etsy shop.  The colors are slightly different and include more teals.  This one isn’t listed in my shop because I sent it to Things You WOOD Love.  So if you’re in Elkhorn, Nebraska, drop by and visit!  I’ve got a few quilts there for sale and you can see them up close and in person.  I love the pattern on the back created by the quilting!  So...

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Baby Quilt for Sister in Law

Mr. Jigg’s sister just had had her first baby.  We were all really excited to welcome that baby boy into the family!  I figured she didn’t have a million quilts and blankets from other children so I could make one for her.  I love having a reason to make new quilts!  And I really love how this one turned out.  Hope I get to meet the little man and drink in his little “babyness”. This quilt is based off the quilt and tutorial over on  Must Love Quilts.  Such beautiful designs!  Come to think of it, I haven’t shared the quilt I made for Pigg#1’s bed.  It was based off one of her designs too.  Guess I’ll have to photograph and share that soon. I’d love to make a quilt for you too!  I’m up for all sorts of designs.  Send me and email or pop over to my etsy page and send me a message so we can talk about it....

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Pink Ombre Puff Quilt

This is the big project I’ve been thinking about for almost 9 months and been sewing for at least 2 months.  I made a practice one right after Christmas with fabric my MIL gave me.  And then miracle of miracles, I found flannel at Joann’s that was the shades I had been looking for.  And then I found Coral Sheets at Wal-mart on clearance.  At least it seemed like a miracle because I could not find fabric in coral for the 6 months I looked prior to then.  And I was working on putting together a color scheme of solids online, but then my computer crashed and I lost all of that work.  Anyways, it took a long time, I’m happy it is finished, but I have 2 more cut out for the boys.  So I probably won’t be doing much else crafting around her until those are...

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Baby Life Quilt Progress

Okay, I’ve been quilting the quilt and taking my time.  I decided to outline each letter with the quilting and do straight lines on the rest of the quilt. Quilting around each letter took me at least 5 or 7 minutes per letter.  In case anyone is interested, I taped the backing to my floor, put the batting on top, placed the top piece on top and then safety pinned all that together.  What I wish I had done as well is use spray adhesive to ‘glue’ all the layers together.  But I’d already safety pinned the whole blanket and started quilting around the letters before I came across that idea.  Next time. Now onto the binding and we’ll be...

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