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Watch Me Grow Chart

I never had one of these things growing up even though I lived in the same house from the time I turned one until I got married.  My parents still live there.  Despite the stability of our home location, we did not keep track of how much we grew each year. But Mr. Jigg’s family did.  And the marks are still there.  Mr. Jiggs once tried to start the tradition on our living room wall.  I wasn’t crazy about the it especially since half an hour later, I had this on the wall. Pigg#1 called them ‘w’s.   But I still kind of liked the idea…if I could take the marks with me as we move to new houses.  (Mr. Jiggs is still in school.)  I just could not figure out what I wanted to do until I saw this idea…and it clicked. So I made my version and finally got it hung.  Pigg #1 likes to stand next to it and look in the mirror to see if he has grown at all. I followed that tutorial, except I didn’t quilt it.  There is only one layer of fabric…no batting and no backing.  And I added marks for measuring so I can say how many inches tall they are. I used the same fabric as all of Pigg#3’s baby blanket, quilt, sling, robots…all those other things.  So I guess...

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Carseat Strap Covers

Hey look!  A project that isn’t a baby blanket!  So I’ve had this project done for quite a while, but never took pictures.  I wanted soft carseat strap covers to keep the straps from rubbing against soft baby skin.  I used this tutorial and I am so happy with the outcome.  Please ignore the random thread hanging off the strap.  They velcro over the straps and can be washed when they get spit up on.  I need to make one for Pigg#1 too.  He’s in a backless booster seat now (since we have a Camry and that’s the only way to fit three carseats in the the back of it) and I think the seat belt might be uncomfortable for him at the neck.  Come to think of it, I’d like one too because I don’t like the feet of the seat belt on my neck either.  Don’t they look so comfy?  And it’s nice that they match the carseat and his Robot blanket cover too. Love my sweet little boy!  Especially now that he is settling into a routine and I can count on him to be eating and sleeping at the same times each...

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Pregressive Preggo Party

So I’ve shared just about everything I made for Pigg#3 while nesting.  The last item hasn’t been photographed.  But here all of the projects together. You can find the individual posts about each of the finished items by clicking below. Baby Life Quilt, Wipes Case, Diaper Clutch, Robot Carseat Blanket, Robot Taggie Softie, Baby Sling, Nursing...

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Baby in the Sling

Here are a few pictures of the baby sling being used.  Sorry about the photos.  I had Pigg#1 take pictures for the first time.  he couldn’t quite get the idea of closing one eye while looking through the viewfinder.  So in most of the pictures he missed me.  But this one is okay.  So the sling is a tube folded in half and you put it over one shoulder with the long fold towards the ground and the open part towards your face.  Then you slip your baby in the fold with their bum in the curved seam.  I like the sling (even if getting the baby in and out can be awkward) because it is so easy to keep in my purse and have ready for when I’m out with the Piggs and don’t have hands to hold a...

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Baby Sling

My sister made a sling for me when Pigg#2 was born.  I used it a lot as I went to parks and other places with Pigg#1.  But I decided it was bit too big for me since I always felt like I still needed to be holding up the baby even though she was in the sling.  My hands weren’t completely free.  Instead of just taking in the one my sister made, I decided to make a new one in more ‘boy’ colors.  The other one was a daisy print.  I really struggled with what fabric to use because all the cuts of fabric I bought were too small to get the whole sling out of comfortably.  I ended up having to piece it together using white fabric on the top where my shoulder goes, along the edge, and all on the inside to line it. I’ve already used it a few times and other than being a bit hot (since it’s two layers of fabric instead of one) it seems to fit better and is more comfortable on my back.  I’m glad I made...

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