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Pattern Test: Shoulder Snap T-Shirt and Seated Panel Pants Harem Style

After I finished testing the Overlap Bodysuit for Kylie Crettenden of Fresh Stitch Patterns, she invited me to test two more patterns she had in the works.  This is probably vain of me, but I was flattered to actually be ASKED to test a pattern instead of applying and hoping to be selected…so I said yes.   Plus, Kylie is really nice to test for.  Her patterns come to testing already fitting very well and only needing slight changes for fit.  And the clothing turns out looking quite professional.  That being said, I don’t LOVE the style of Harem Pants.  Not my thing-at least not for my girl (I think Kylie is working on a version for older kids who don’t wear diapers anymore.  I can see these being really comfy pajamas for Pigg#3).  However, these have grown on me and look like they are really comfortable.  Pigg#4 got sick over Thanksgiving while at my sister’s house and I put her in these so she’d be comfy. One of the great things about these pants in there are only 3 pattern pieces!  They come together so stinking fast!  And Kylie has a link in her instructions for putting the elastic for the waistband directly on the pants with a serger instead of creating a casing, which makes these even faster to whip out.  The cuffs are folded up in...

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Pattern Test: Autumn Grace

Here’s another pattern test-this one for Pigg#2.  Pollywoggles Patterns has created a quick, comfy, classic pattern that is perfect for cold weather.  The pattern is made for fleece so it’s like wrapping your child in a blanket except they can do everything they usually do. The Autumn Grace dress Pigg#2 is a very feminine girl.  She would wear dresses and skirts every single day if she could.  Not many dresses are very warm though and I hate to send her to school uncertain if she will be cold on the playground or not. Pigg#2 is also very picky about the way her clothing feels.  We have had many rough days because everything is ‘uncomfortable’.  No further descriptions.   This dress passes both the criteria of warm and comfortable.  And as a bonus, it is a really fast sew.  Because it’s made of fleece, the seams won’t fray and you don’t have to finish anything really. It’s a nice pattern. One of the biggest bonuses for me is Heidi’s instruction for blending sizes.  They are so very clear.  Pigg#2 is 6, but I made a size 4T with a size 5 in length.  And it fits very nicely.  It’s fitted through the waist and flares out to make a very girly wide skirt.  And the fleece holds that shape so well. We are so happy we got to be part...

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Pattern Test: Haute Skinny Skirt

I got to test a pattern!  And I loved the experience!  I plan to make another to get the skirt just right. The pattern is called the Haute Skinny Skirt and was created by Christina Albeck of Wardrobe by Me.  This makes a skin tight pencil skirt.  The thing I love about it is the panels..they are really flattering.  Some of the skirts made by the other pattern testers are amazing.  Go look at them.  Really.  I got so many ideas after seeing what they created with the same pattern. The skirt has an invisible zipper in the back with a hook and eye at the top.  The pattern calls for woven with stretch and I’m telling you, make sure you get good stretch in your fabric.  It makes a huge difference in the fit and comfort of the skirt!  It is meant to hug your figure and needs that stretch to be comfortable while still maintaining that sleek sophisticated look.  So please, do yourself a favor and get enough stretch in your fabric!   My apologies for the inside pictures.  Mr. Jiggs didn’t get home until night and we didn’t have enough light to get good outside pictures.  Then he got artistic and said he thought the stair rails added interest and outside pictures distracted from the skirt…I’m just grateful he took pictures for me.  But you get my heavy...

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