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Half-tees knock-off

Around December, a friend of mine told me about half-tees.  If you haven’t ever heard of them before you can check out their site to see more.  I loved the idea of having only half a shirt to layer and keep me modest, especially since I was just starting to wear pregnancy clothes and the half tee could be worn regardless of the size of my belly.  I bought a couple and then decided to make my own out of old t-shirts.  This was a maternity shirt that was not flattering on me.  I used the original sleeve hems but made my own neck line since the original shirt didn’t have one I could take and use.  I hope this will work well for nursing too!  We’ll see in a few weeks.  I still need to make a brown one, white one…well you get the...

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Maternity Tunic

I really like this type of neckline.  I used it for Pigg#2’s Easter Dress and just seem to be drawn back to it over and over.   I wanted to make one for myself.  It needed to match a shirt underneath since I’m a sleeve type of girl and I wanted it to match a skirt I have (not pictured).  I came up with this.   Hopefully I can wear it after the baby with a belt and it will still look good.  I pulled out an XL white long sleeve t-shirt from my stash. I used another maternity shirt to help me with the width and length of the shirt. And cut out a front and back.  With the front being a bit wider.  The neck opens on one side with the button.  Another pic because I like the button.  And gathered in the back as well. I’m pleased and hope it gets some good...

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Ruffle Maternity Shirt

After making Pigg#2 a ruffle shirt, I wanted to try my hand at making one for myself.  And since my shape right now is quite round, of course it’s a maternity shirt.  I really like the shirt, but I keep debating about whether the sleeves are too long or not.  Having the ruffles go diagonally across the front seems to take emphasis off my shape.  Since it’s knit, I didn’t have to worry about finishing any of the edges of the ruffles and could sew them right on the shirt.   But I made sure to catch the edges of the ruffles in the neckline for a more polished look.   I put two layers of the knit in the sleeves and on the back to really make sure it’s not see-through.  I also left the sleeve edges raw and let both layers show  I love how when I make my own clothes I get to determine how long/short or fitted they are.  I love where the neckline hits in this shirt and how the ruffles short-of disguise my swelling belly. Now if I could decide about the...

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Ruched Materity Shirt

I picked up a cute maternity shirt from Old Navy during their clearance sale back in January and based a new shirt off of it.  They are pretty much the same, but with small adjustments like longer sleeves and more room in the shoulders so the neckline isn’t so wide.  The little ruffle embellishment at the neckline is circles cut to the center, then opened up flat and sewn so it hangs in folds.  That may not make much sense, but leave a comment if you’d like more explanation.   It looks better on a person than lying on the ground.    And even better when the sun isn’t shining in my eyes. I’m not a very natural model and Mr. Jiggs and I felt a bit silly taking pictures at the park while the two little piggs were playing with a remote control car.  Well, Pigg#1 was driving the car and Pigg#2 was running away from it sobbing or standing still sobbing–petrified because she couldn’t figure out how to get away from it fast enough.  So focus on the shirt and not on my my modeling. And yes.  Pigg#3 is on his way and should arrive the middle of...

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