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Valentine Sweater Dress

By the time I actually finished the leggings for this outfit, it was 10:30 Valentine morning.  I’m sure my neighbors who talked with me (while still in my pajamas) as I took pictures for grandparents thought I was crazy. But my little Piggs are adroable and Mr. Jiggs likes the dress!  Score.  I love Pigg#2’s pigtails and simply tied scraps of the legging material in bows. The dress use to be a sweater of mine in high school.  It’s pink and fuzzy and stretchey and comfy.  So stretchy that Pigg#2 likes to pull one of her arms up through the neck and wear it with one shoulder bare.  But it stretches the neck and I’m not okay with that.  I made the dress and leggings a bit big hoping they will still fit next year.  The weather keeps wanting to warm up where we live and I don’t think it will stay cold for more than a month or so more. We’re enjoying the beautiful weather and being...

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Valentines for Friends

Here are the Valentines we ended up making for friends.  Inside we slipped little mini bubbles and a heart lollipop.  Outside we added a tag that read “You blow me away! Happy Valentine’s Day.”  Hopefully Pigg#1’s friends will have fun putting their treasures in these little bags to carry...

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Valentines for Preschool

Pigg#1’s preschool is doing a Valentine’s day exchange and I didn’t want to send candy.  Treats are pretty few for Pigg#1 and getting a ton at holidays just creates problems since he feel ownership over them.   So I made heat/cold packs like the ones over here.  Except I put mine in plain old fold tip sandwich bags.  I don’t have cute little gift bags hanging around my house.  And some of the fabric came from dress shirts I made into short sleeve shirts. 17 little hearts filled with rice.  And plenty of grains of rice in my carpet. Happy Valentine’s...

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Tree Skirt in Action

This weekend we picked out a Christmas Tree, borrowed a tree stand, and set it up at home.  Mr. Jiggs and I do not agree on the type of tree and Christmas Tree should be (I’m a bushy tree girl and he’s a distinct branch guy) but this tree was our compromise.  Not quite what either of us is use to having for Christmas.  I’m liking it and LOVING the fresh scent it puts in our house.    So now that we have a tree, I have a place to put the tree skirt!  Now we’ll start working on the presents to put on that lovely...

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Christmas Tree Skirt

This is the first year Mr. Jiggs and I are going to have Christmas in our own house with just us and the two little piggs.  I’ve warmed up to the idea and am now super excited about creating the holiday spirit in my home with decorations and traditions…let’s hope I keep this in reason. So the first thing I thought of was getting our own real Christmas Tree!  We haven’t bought a real Christmas Tree in four years and then it was about 4 feet high and sparse looking.  So this year, we are getting a tree.  And every tree needs…A Tree Skirt!  So I decided to make one.  Because why buy it when I can make it?  It’s made out of two layers of cotton so I can reverse it to match my mood of the year…okay maybe day.  The gold ruffle links them together. See the other side?  It was a clearance fabric I bought when the clearance fabrics were an additional 50% off and I had a 10% off total purchase coupon.  That was a steal!  It’s got shimmery gold flecks in it and all the little dots are gold.  I thought I would like it best, but now I sort of like the red polka dot side better.  That’s why I needed to make it double sided.  I change my mind...

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