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Oliver + S Messenger Bags

Last Christmas my sister and her family came to visit.  I had a copy of Little Things to Sew and was tracing out patterns onto freezer paper.  My niece is really into bags.  And she fell in love with the messenger bag in the book and decided to trace out the pattern as well so she could make the bag. I don’t think she really knew what she would use it for ( which probably bugged my practical sister) but she still liked it.  Thing is, my sister had 5 kids and about to have her 6th.  I knew helping my niece make this bag was not going to be at the top of her to-do list for a long while. Oh, and they were in the middle of moving several states away for a new job.  No time for unnecessary bags. (Pigg#1 was kind enough to wear the bag for my pictures..but I don’t think he’d want his face with the girly bag.  Kindergarten has taught him a few things…and don’t you love the sunburst things in my pictures?  Not photoshopped.  Totally got that through my own skills/luck.) So I decided to make the bag for her for Christmas this year.  I hope she likes it…that it meets the vision she had because I honestly couldn’t remember what colors she said she’d use except for the pink.  And...

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Halloween 2012

We had a hard time deciding what to be for Halloween this year.  I still wanted them all to match, and I wanted to make it work around the Tiger costume the first two piggs wore then they were 1 year old.  Because I wanted Pigg # 3 to wear it.   So I thought Jasmine, Aladdin, and Raja-the tiger.  It would be perfect!  And Adorable!  I got Pigg # 2 on board, but Pigg#1 just wouldn’t go for it.  And then my attempts to make Jasmin pants out of an old shirt didn’t work because there just wasn’t enough fabric to work with.  (But now she has another pair of pants/leggings to keep her legs warm!) So Pigg#1 and I talked again, and he said he wanted to be a Knight.  The picture he liked looked an awful lot like Prince Phillip…so he eventually agreed to be Prince Phillip and match Pigg#2 as long as he got a sword, a shield, and the tunic.  Deal. And Pigg#2, well she became Briar Rose because I had an old shirt with the sweet lacing already done.  And it was perfect for Aurora’s peasant dress.  And I happened to have the fabric for a skirt to match.  The only thing I had to buy for their costumes was the black elastic for Pigg#2’s skirt. So here is our Halloween story:  (I...

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Harvest Fairy–Pigg#2

So I decided Pigg#2 was going to be a fairy this year because I wanted to make a tutu for her.  I let them watch Tinkerbell just so she’d know what she was.  But even then, half the time she calls herself a Butterfly.  Ehh.  No biggie.  She’s still cute.  And I already had this brown crushed knit stuff I bought as a remnant a long time ago, so she got to be a harvest fairy.  I pretty much followed the tutorials on Make it and Love it.  I only deviated a bit.   I wanted her leotard to have sleeves.  Luckily a friend had just given me a leotard so I used that to trace out the shape for this instead of a swimming suit.  I didn’t actually set in sleeves, it’s just cut in the shape of sleeves with seams on the top and bottom.  Does that make sense?  Probably not.  I didn’t feel like making wings myself so I picked some up at the dollar store.  I was so lucky they had orange because I had already made the tutu when I went to buy the wings.  She was sold on the costume once she saw the wings.  So was Pigg#1.  He slyly tried to tell me he had changed his mind and maybe he could be a boy fairy after all.  Sorry.  No last minute costume...

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Baby Superhero Costume

Pigg #1 vetoed my Napoleon Dynamite idea for Halloween this year because he wanted to ‘be sombody’.  Instead he just wanted to use the superhero things I made for him last spring to be CTR boy.  Cool.  Less work for me.  Happy boy.  But then he decided Pigg#3 should not be a boy fairy, he should be a superhero too.  So here he is… Mini CTR Boy!  Cape  Mask  Power wristlets!  On his way to save his Mommy!  And a logo on his shirt.  The cape snaps on and off.  Mostly because I thought that would be fun.  I used snap tape so I could take the snaps off the onesie if I decided I wanted him to wear it for real.  It was SOOO fun to make.  Mini anything is so much fun.  And this seriously took me less than two hours to put together. Happy...

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Pigg#2’s Easter Dress

Okay, this post is going to have way too many pictures in it…I can’t help it!  I’m so happy with how the dress turned out and I think Pigg#2 is the cutest little girl EVER!  I want to kiss her every time I look at these pictures and wish blessings of little girls to everyone I know!  🙂  I got the lighter purple fabric from my Mother’s stash when I was there a year ago.  I loved it and knew I’d use it.  There wasn’t enough to do a full dress so I bought the purple (remnant) to go with it and the white satin I bought for a different project (in the works) and had extra to use here.  The skirt part ended up an A-line instead of pleated like I originally imagined so I could get the most width out of my fabric.  I really used about 95% of the piece of fabric I had.  Not much is left for anything.  Sweet sash at the waist to give it more shape.  Since there is not zipper or buttons down to the waist, the waist needed to be wide enough for her to comfortably pull her arms up to get them in the sleeves.  The neckline was based off the Snappy Toddler Top over at Prudent Baby.  I enlarged it, took out the gathers, and added sleeves (because...

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