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Items in Etsy Store!

A while ago I mentioned that my aunt owns a craft decor store (Things You WOOD Love) in Nebraska.  I made a few more things for her store, sent them, and then decided I would list more of them in my Etsy shop as well.  Soooo… Ta Dah! These bird ornaments are the bulk of what is in my Etsy Shop right now.  Each bird is a mix of burlap, lace, and linen.  My shop has close up pictures, if you’d like to take a closer look… I also have a couple banners made from a mix of burlap and lace.  I’ve put up pictures of an example but have options in the Shop for you to make just about any combination of Natural Burlap, Green Lace, and Cream Lace you can think of.  You can also choose to have them hang from white bias tape or cotton twill...

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Criss Cross Twig Wreath

Things never stay quiet long…the summer has flown by, school has started (and after school activities) and we are busy busy again.  But, I did create this wreath for a church craft night.  Well, I bought the wreath and put the stuff on the wreath.  It’s not completely finished.  The decorations on the wreath can be traded out, but I haven’t finished the next set of decorations.  I have another week or two to figure that...

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Craft Desk

Here’s my first project in the new house and my first furniture project.  I found this desk at a garage sale for 7 dollars.  It was slightly rickety and the paint was dirtily and chipped.  Mr. Jiggs and I stripped a bunch of paint off, shored it up so it was sturdier, painted it black, and added new knobs.  Here’s how it looks now.  It’s working very nicely for my sewing table.  And I love that the middle drawer is the perfect size for my...

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Sunburst Wreath

I’ve had this daisy wreath for years and it has hung on my doors almost year-round all of those 4 years.  The wreath was starting to shed flowers, which were brittle and faded.  It was time for a new look on the door.  So I stripped all the flowers and wrapping to get to the plastic ring. I saw this wreath on a blog a couple weeks ago and I thought I had pinned it on pinterest.  But it wasn’t there.  And I can’t seem to find the one I saw.  I saw other twig wreaths, but not the exact one I’m copying.  The one I copied (and all of the others I saw) started with a cardboard ring.  But I wanted mine to go outside and my door gets lots of weather…rain and such.  Cardboard wasn’t going to cut it.   So I glued the twigs to the plastic ring and put the fabric rosettes on top.  And the white rosettes are only there because I ran out of yellow fabric. I like it.  And I love that it didn’t cost me anything. *Update*  Woohoo!  I finally found the original wreath I saw that I’m totally copying.  You can find it here.  Thanks for your brilliance…my door is now much happier.  And the Piggs think it’s fun that they could help ME find...

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Artwork Board

Pigg #1 is into coloring.  And it is so nice.  He sits at the table and happily colors while I make dinner and my life is so much easier.  (I wish Pigg#2 would stop drawing on herself so I could do the same with her) He also brings back lots of creations from preschool that need to be displayed for at least a little while.  My refrigerator was getting too full and Pigg#1 was getting frustrated when Pigg#2 pulled them off.  So we made one of these things.   It isn’t fancy or elaborate.  Just a painted board (sanded a bit for interest) with covered clothespins hot glued on top.   Then I used some router bits to drill some places in the back to hang it on the wall.   And we’ve hung it high on the wall, far away from Pigg#2’s curious fingers, and started to add the artwork. Hopefully this will keep clutter off my refrigerator, table, and...

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