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Snuggly Rag Quilt and Harem Pants

My brother’s wife had a boy right before we moved states.  Her fourth boy.  When her third was born, I was practical and asked what she needed. But with this fourth boy I threw practicality out the door.  She HAD to have everything she NEEDED but I wanted to give her something new whether or not she needed it.  So I made her a snuggly rag quilt and baby minecraft outfit. Years ago while Nut#2 hung out in my belly, this same sister in law made me a rag quilt from cute pink, purple, and yellow quilting cotton prints....

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How to Add Belt Loops to Pants

Nut#3 got a new pair of nice dress pants for wearing to church-made by mom! He rarely gets new clothes because he lives in Nut#1’s hand-me-downs. But the church pants got holes in the knees- so I used the New Horizons Metropolitan Pants to make Nut#3’s new Sunday pants. I sewed them up, Nut#3 declared them great, and then as I helped him get dressed for church I realized they were missing something. Belt Loops. I’ve made church pants for Nut#1 before (aww..look how cute Nut#1 is as a 4 year old!).  Back then I up cycled my husband’s old work pants into...

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DIY Newsie Hat from a Free Pattern

Nut#1 recently had a chorus concert for school.  The theme was ‘Broadway’ and they sang popular songs from musicals-my favorite!  Plus, my son auditioned for a small solo and got it!  You can follow me on Instagram (hazelnutmade-there’s a button on the sidebar!) to see a video of him.  #proudmomma Anyways, were instructed to wear clothing from the 1920s-1940s.  Originally, Nut#1 only wanted to wear his Sunday shirt and pants and call it good.  But about 2 weeks before the concert he told me he wanted to wear a Newsie Hat and suspenders!  And asked if I could make...

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Pattern Review: Free Pajama Party Pants

My oldest son needed new warm pajamas so I decided to make some and gift them for Christmas.  As I mentioned in my review of 11th Hour Gear, my go-to paper pattern wasn’t the right size for him.  4 sizes too small.  I really liked that pattern because it had separate front and back pieces instead of one that wrapped around from back to front.  I loved the slimmer fit.  I’ve heard wonderful things about Peek-a-boo Patterns so I decided to download the free Pajama Party Pants and sew them up for my son.     Fit Turns out,...

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