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Pattern Test: New Horizons Designs Streamline Tee

I have eyed the Streamline Tee by New Horizons for quite some time, but haven’t actually bought it because the sizing was too small to fit my oldest son!  So when Terra announced testing to update the Streamline Tee and extend the sizes, I jumped to test the pattern.  And now my son has several long sleeve shirts to wear this winter! The Streamline Tee is a unisex raglan for kids sized 6 mo. to 16.  That’s a huge size range and now fits my oldest son.  Plus, I can fit it too!  I already have two women’s raglan...

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Alpine Pants for Back to School

Nut#3 rarely actually needs new clothes because he gets Nut#1’s hand-me downs.  However, he busted out the knees of his pants last winter-partly because they were already worn thin from Nut#1!  And Nut#3 hasn’t quite grown enough to fit the next size up pants.  Which means I got to make Nut#3 some Alpine Pants-and he has new, cool pants for heading the school and jumping around the playground and school! Okay, technically the pattern is called the Alpine Shorts and Trousers, but I can’t stop thinking of Wallace and Grommet overtime I say trousers.  So I’m calling them the...

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Snuggly Rag Quilt and Harem Pants

My brother’s wife had a boy right before we moved states.  Her fourth boy.  When her third was born, I was practical and asked what she needed. But with this fourth boy I threw practicality out the door.  She HAD to have everything she NEEDED but I wanted to give her something new whether or not she needed it.  So I made her a snuggly rag quilt and baby minecraft outfit. Years ago while Nut#2 hung out in my belly, this same sister in law made me a rag quilt from cute pink, purple, and yellow quilting cotton prints....

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How to Add Belt Loops to Pants

Nut#3 got a new pair of nice dress pants for wearing to church-made by mom! He rarely gets new clothes because he lives in Nut#1’s hand-me-downs. But the church pants got holes in the knees- so I used the New Horizons Metropolitan Pants to make Nut#3’s new Sunday pants. I sewed them up, Nut#3 declared them great, and then as I helped him get dressed for church I realized they were missing something. Belt Loops. I’ve made church pants for Nut#1 before (aww..look how cute Nut#1 is as a 4 year old!).  Back then I up cycled my husband’s old work pants into...

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DIY Newsie Hat from a Free Pattern

Nut#1 recently had a chorus concert for school.  The theme was ‘Broadway’ and they sang popular songs from musicals-my favorite!  Plus, my son auditioned for a small solo and got it!  You can follow me on Instagram (hazelnutmade-there’s a button on the sidebar!) to see a video of him.  #proudmomma Anyways, were instructed to wear clothing from the 1920s-1940s.  Originally, Nut#1 only wanted to wear his Sunday shirt and pants and call it good.  But about 2 weeks before the concert he told me he wanted to wear a Newsie Hat and suspenders!  And asked if I could make...

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