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Oliver + S Messenger Bags

Last Christmas my sister and her family came to visit.  I had a copy of Little Things to Sew and was tracing out patterns onto freezer paper.  My niece is really into bags.  And she fell in love with the messenger bag in the book and decided to trace out the pattern as well so she could make the bag. I don’t think she really knew what she would use it for ( which probably bugged my practical sister) but she still liked it.  Thing is, my sister had 5 kids and about to have her 6th.  I knew helping my niece make this bag was not going to be at the top of her to-do list for a long while. Oh, and they were in the middle of moving several states away for a new job.  No time for unnecessary bags. (Pigg#1 was kind enough to wear the bag for my pictures..but I don’t think he’d want his face with the girly bag.  Kindergarten has taught him a few things…and don’t you love the sunburst things in my pictures?  Not photoshopped.  Totally got that through my own skills/luck.) So I decided to make the bag for her for Christmas this year.  I hope she likes it…that it meets the vision she had because I honestly couldn’t remember what colors she said she’d use except for the pink.  And...

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Boy Dress-ups: King’s Crown

Pigg#1 really likes the ‘knight in shining armor’ kind of play.  But the real reason I decided to make him a crown was so he could play ‘king and queen’ or ‘prince and princess’ with Pigg#2.   I started out by cutting out the crown with a length equal to the circumference of his head plus an inch.  That was 21 inches.  Then I cut the top triangles out.  This first pictures is of the princess one where I cut the middle point bigger than the other ones.  Then I cut a rectangle that would cover all of the crown and sewed the crown to it.  I put diamonds in the points to be jewels.  Cut along the edge of the crown to have a double thickness crown.  Don’t sew the ends of the crown so you can slip elastic in between the two layers and sew it in.  So when you put it on your head, the elastic lets the crown stretch, but snug on your child’s head.  See how the elastic stretches?  King and Queen ready to hold...

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Boy Dress ups: ‘Coonskin Hat

Pigg#1 really likes to ‘dress up’ these days.  So For Christmas I decided to make some “Boy Dress-ups”  One of them was a Davy Crockett Hat!  I measured around his head (20 in) and found a pan that would make a circle about the right size to trace.  ( I should have made it a bit bigger for seam allowance) Then I cut a circle out of the fuzzy ‘raccoon’ fabric and one out of fleece and a rectangle the length of his head plus an inch (so I did 21 inches but i should have done 22 inches with a bigger circle) and about 5 inches wide out of the two fabrics.  And then a rectangle out of the raccoon fabric for the tail.  I pinned the rectangles for the side of the hat around the circle and sewed it up.  For both the raccoon fabric and the fleece.  Then I sewed the ends of the rectangle together (because I wasn’t being mathematically exact and didn’t want to do this before sewing the rectangle onto the circle.)  The tail rectangle I folded in half, rounded one end and sewed along two sides.  I left the short, straight edge next to the fold open for turning.  Turned the tail right side out and sewed it to the right side of the raccoon fabric hat.  It’s at the place where...

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Pink Knit Scarf

I’ve been figuring out some cute scarves lately.  I recently cut my hair short and my neck is getting cold in the winter weather.  In the process I made a mini version for Pigg#2.  She really likes it.  The knit is super stretchy since it also has elastic woven through the knit.  It gives it a wrinkled look.  So it is soft and has lots of texture. No really.  She likes it.  I’m making a bigger version and I’ll take pictures along the way to show how to do...

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Carseat Strap Covers

Hey look!  A project that isn’t a baby blanket!  So I’ve had this project done for quite a while, but never took pictures.  I wanted soft carseat strap covers to keep the straps from rubbing against soft baby skin.  I used this tutorial and I am so happy with the outcome.  Please ignore the random thread hanging off the strap.  They velcro over the straps and can be washed when they get spit up on.  I need to make one for Pigg#1 too.  He’s in a backless booster seat now (since we have a Camry and that’s the only way to fit three carseats in the the back of it) and I think the seat belt might be uncomfortable for him at the neck.  Come to think of it, I’d like one too because I don’t like the feet of the seat belt on my neck either.  Don’t they look so comfy?  And it’s nice that they match the carseat and his Robot blanket cover too. Love my sweet little boy!  Especially now that he is settling into a routine and I can count on him to be eating and sleeping at the same times each...

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