I made several of these for Christmas presents this year.  I loved how they turned out even though they are slightly different than I intended.
I got a free template for these desk calendars at Persnickety Prints.  They are sized so that the prints fit nicely into a CD case turned inside out (sort of.  They have instructions.)  I fully intended to do that.  But I had free prints at York photos and I thought they were printing them the same size as at Persnickety Prints because they had an option for a 4×5.33 or something like that.  I wasn’t thinking straight.  But lucky for me, even though the prints did NOT fit in a CD case, they did fit in a Cassette Case!  As chance would have it, I didn’t have any cassette cases around and I had to go buy some at Goodwill.  But I am happy the gift worked out even though I messed it up.

Grandparents love them and so does Mr. Jiggs.  He’s been wanting pictures of the family to put in his cubicle.  Now he has some!